Author Timeline

Solon early 7th cent. Elegiac poet; Athenian statesman.
Archilochus early-mid seventh cent. Elegiac-iambic poet, Paros (Aegean island) .
Alcman 2nd half seventh cent. Lyric poet from Sparta.
Sappho born ca. 612 Woman lyric poet from the Aegean island of Lesbos.
Ibycus flourished ca. 550 Greek lyric poet.
Theognis flourished ca. 540 Elegiac poet from Megara (near Athens). Actually, the poetry in the collection associated with his name probably comes from several different poets who would have lived about 640-479 BCE.
Anacreon born ca. 570 From Teos (Greek island); lyric poet.
Simonides ca. 556-468 Greek lyric poet.
Pindar 518-438 Boeotian (Greek) lyric poet
Corinna 400s? Boeotian woman poet.
Praxilla 400s Woman poet from Sicyon (Peloponnese, Greece ).
Herodotus ca. 495-ca. 430 Halicarnassian (Asia Minor), historian
Euripides ca. 485-ca. 406 Athenian tragic poet.
Hippocrates 469-399 Physician and medical writer, from Cos (Aegean island). He and members of his "school" wrote the works traditionally attributed to him alone.
Lysias ca. 459-ca. 380 Resident of Athens, orator and speech writer.
Aristophanes ca. 450-on or before 385 Athenian comic poet.
Plato 429-347 Athenian philosopher.
Aeschines ca. 397-ca. 322 Athenian statesman, orator.
Erinna 300s Woman poet from Telos (Greek island).
Demosthenes 384-322 Athenian statesman, orator. (Against Neaera, though traditionally attributed to Demosthenes, is actually by Apollodorus, one of the speakers in the speech. Some doubt the authenticity of the Erotic Essay, also attributed to Demosthenes.)
Aristotle 384-322 From Stagira in northeastern Greece, philosopher.
Philemon 368/360-267/63 Athenian comic poet.
Nossis 200s Woman poet from Locri, Greece.
Anyte 200s Woman poet from Tegea, Greece.
Catullus 84 (?)-54 (?) Gaius Valerius Catullus. Roman poet.
Livy 59 BCE-17 CE
64 BCE-12 CE
Titus Livius. Roman historian.
Sulpicia later 1st cent. BCE Daughter of Servius Sulpicius Rufus and ward of Valerius Messalla Corvinus. Roman poet.
Ovid 43 BCE-17 CE Publius Ovidius Naso. Roman poet.

Juvenal active writing 110s-120s Roman satirist.
Petronius d. 66 Roman courtier; author of Satyricon.
Apuleius ca. 123-ca. 170 Afro-Roman orator and philosopher; author of Metamorphoses ("Golden Ass").
Longus ca. 200 The name manuscripts assign to the author of Daphnis and Chloe.
1926-84 French philosopher, critical theorist, historical-anthropological theorist.
1947-1994 American historian.
1952- American classicist, literary scholar, cultural historian.
Nancy S.
  American classicist.
  American classicist.


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