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Peer Review: The What and the Why

In our class, “peer review” means students commenting on fellow students’ papers. This is “peer review” because you will be in the same boat as your “peers,” your colleagues in class. As a student, you will be able to offer valuable insights into the process of paper writing — think of it as a study group. Professors participate in peer review of one another’s writing all the time, and for essentially the same reasons. I think you too will find it very helpful!

In marking up your partner's paper and in survey commenting, do the best you can. This is meant to be a learning experience to benefit both you and your partner. A good-faith effort, not perfection, is expected. You will probably want to consult the S/G Papers page, the Persuasion site Writing Issues page, and the Persuasion site Guide to Academic Honesty, Research, MLA etc., and the Perdue Owl on MLA-related issues.

Be generous, courteous, and kind, but don’t be afraid to be forthright. The point here is that you as reader be as helpful to the writer as possible. Don’t curry favor.

Peer Review Instructions


Peer review will involve two main tasks:

  1. Proof-reading a print out of your partner's paper, i.e., applying grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting-related, and other, similar corrective notations to it. You will hand that over to your partner in class.

  2. Filling out, printout for your partner (to give to her or him in class), and upload electronically via Bb course site > Papers, the Peer Review Survey Template as per instructions on the document.


This is what you'll be doing prior to and in class for peer review:

  1. When you recieve electronic copy of your partner's paper, print it and mark it up by hand (like proof reading) for mechanics as per Writing Issues page:
    • Grammar
    • Spelling
    • Punctuation
    • Capitalization
    • Word usage
    • Style
    • Clarity
    • etc.
    • That can include content-related comment that won't fit well into the Peer Review survey template.
  2. Download the Ancient S/G Paper Peer-Review Survey template (word doc). Fill it out (word-process it) as per instructions and as best you can.
    1. Comment adequately in the supplied text boxes. Write enough in order to get full credit.
  3. Save electronic copy of peer-review survey. Upload it to Blackboard course site "Papers" link, "Peer Review upload" link.
  4. Bring to class marked up hard copy copy of your partner's paper + your filled-out and printed-out Peer Review template as per above.
  5. Discuss your peer partner's paper with partner.


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