Crossing the Boundaries is an annual interdisciplinary graduate student conference at Binghamton University, State University of New York. The conference was established in 1993 by Graduate Students in the English Department and is currently based in the Graduate Program for the History and Theory of Art and Architecture. Each year, a new conference committee is formed by interested graduate students at Binghamton University, and a new theme is decided upon. Our mandate is to provide a forum for the critical discussion of academic work across a wide range of disciplines within the university setting, both nationally and internationally. We are committed to interdisciplinary work in an academic context and offer our conference as an opportunity for graduate students to share their ideas.

Past Conferences

CTB XVIII: Itineraries

CTB XVII: Social Art History Now

CTB XVI: Trading Spaces

CTB XV: Time, Space and Movement

CTB XIV: REvisions: New Approaches to the History of Art and Architecture

CTB XIII: Sites of Possession

CTB XII: Image/Power

CTB XI: Identity & Space

CTB X: The Politics of Imagination

CTB IX: Vagabond


CTB VII: Fluid

CTB VI: Shifts & Transformations in Visual Culture