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Open Source University Meetup
Our Purpose and Goal
Binghamton University is excited to have the opportunity to become a part of what Sun Microsystems has already started across the country and the world. We hope to create a platform on campus for all students interested in FOSS "Free Open Source Software" where they can collaborate and develop skills in an area where they express a common interest.
What we plan to do...
Our name says it all.  This is an club that offers free membership to anyone interested in open source.  Sun Microsystems provides excellent incentive for students who want to take their skills a step further.  Through the Sun Academic Initiative students can gain certificates in Java, Netbean, OpenSolaris, and more!  Check out this link for more information.
Sun Academic Intitiative
We will also be conducting monthly events, demonstration of Opensolaris, netbeans, and other open source technologies.  Our monthly events will on occasion host a guest speaker from sun microsystems or industry in general.
Upcoming Events
Thanks to everyone one who showed up to the first meeting.  Turn out was much higher than expected.  Next month we will get a bigger room.  Check out all the content from our first meeting.  There is also info on the Binghamton University Osum group in the global osum network. Click here for details
Engineers Week
Professor Eileen Head, our faculty advisor, has expressed much support for Binghamton OSUM.  Engineers week is coming up and she would like leaders in the CS department to collaborate and host the events during the week.  BU Osum will be showcasing the new club also.  The petition will be available at these events, so please attend and show your support!
Install Fest

BU OSUM will be holding a collaborative install fest with ACM and IEEE.  Opensolaris, Virtual box, Fedora, and Unbuntu will all be available.  As always there will be free pizza and soda.  Come check why opensolaris is getting a lot of traction in the community.  Also come with questions about DTrace and ZFS.  It will be a lot fun. See you there!

Recent News
Check out our cool article in the Pipe Dream school news paper.  Thanks to Anju Nattanmai!
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Binghamton University Charter
The process of obtaining a Charter form the Student Association has been started.  We are gathering signatures, and after this is done the SA will make a decision.  Vice president of students affairs, Boris Tadchieve has already expressed that this club sounds like something we need on campus.  Once we return from break the petition will be available for students who want to sign and show their support
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