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Tomb of businesswoman  Naevoleia Tyche, 1st c. CE

(Pompeii, photo John Starks 2005 )


Daily Assignments/Syllabus


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Cornelia, Mother of the Gracchi

“These are my Jewels       Honore Daumier, 1842 

‘Ancient History #46’ (Cleveland Museum of Art)

Commemorative Bronze Sestertius

Obverse: Agrippina Maior; Reverse: funeral cart pulled by mules

minted by her son, Emperor Caligula 37-41 CE

(Image - Forum Ancient Coins)

Prof. John H. Starks, Jr.


Library Tower 508


Office Hours: By appointment


Course Requirements/Grading

Latin 380W: Women in the Roman World                  

de vitis mulierum

quae orbem terrarum Romanam habitabant

Binghamton University SUNY

Spring 2019                 Library Tower 507

MW 12:15-1:40 PM


Roman woman having hair dressed by slaves

Tomb, Rheinisches Landesmuseum Trier

(Image – B. McManus, VRoma)

Course Objectives:

Š      Students in H courses will demonstrate an understanding of human experience through the study of literature or philosophy.

Š      Understanding and awareness of women’s roles in Roman society

Š        Discernment of gendered and class-based perspectives in reading Latin texts about women

Students in W courses will demonstrate

1.     The ability to write effectively and coherently, in ways appropriate to the discipline and the level of the course.

2.     The ability to revise and improve their writing in both form and content. (W courses require 10 minimum pages of revised and improved writing)