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Cartoonists have based their comic strips off their own lives many times before. One autobiographical comic I am a fan of is “Cathy” by Cathy Guisewite since it dealt with a young woman starting her career in the post-feminism era. In a misguided attempt to alievate boredom, I came up with the idea of cartooning my life as a high school student. None of those comics survived and my hobby time was soon filled with homework and extra curricular activities instead.
My first semester of college allowed me more free time and when my university’s student newspaper was seeking out comic strips I submitted one about a cartoon version of myself procrastinating on her first assignment since by drawing my comic I was procrastinating on my own homework. My character mimiced my antics, but with the name of Kelly instead of Kelsey, yet every embarrassing moment I faced ended up in Kelly’s life. We have both sought out social activities, endured boring lectures, and faced a doubtful dating life as we were laughed at by our friends.
It has been four years and Kelly still is the most public part of my life. The comics have are my diary for the time I spent in college, but as specific as they are to me. I hope they will be enjoyed by anyone living away from home.

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