Peter L. K. Knuepfer


Associate Professor of Geology

Director of Environmental Studies Program

Office: Science 1, Room 161


Phone: (607) 777-2389


Email: peter.knuepfer at











Coring at Long Pond in the Adirondacks

near Willsboro, NY; March 2002



Research Interests:


I study neotectonics, including both active faulting and tectonic geomorphology, fluvial geomorphology, and Quaternary geology. Most of my research, and that of my students, has concentrated on the last three topics below in recent years.  Research areas include:


 Tectonic geomorphology of the active Taiwan orogen and the Southern Alps of New Zealand, especially river responses to active mountain building

 Fault segmentation, in the U.S., Philippines, and elsewhere


 Proglacial lakes and post-glacial incision, Champlain Valley and Finger Lakes, New York


 River responses to human and natural modifications, especially in the Catskill Mountains of New York.


 Flood frequency of the Susquehanna River in the Binghamton area.



Recent Publications and Field Guides:


Buboltz, Amanda A., and Knuepfer, Peter L.K., 2007, Pleistocene Glaciation of the Tioughnioga River and Fall Creek Valleys, in McRoberts, Christopher, ed., Field Trip Guide for the 79th Annual Meeting of the New York State Geological Association.


Rayburn, J.A., Franzi, D.A., and Knuepfer, P.L.K, 2007, Evidence from the Lake Champlain Valley for a later onset of the Champlain Sea and implications for late glacial meltwater routing to the North Atlantic: Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, v. 246 p. 62-74.


Fleisher, P. Jay, Knuepfer, Peter L.K., and Butler, David R., 2006, Introduction to the special issue: Ice sheet geomorphology:  Geomorphology, v. 75, p. 1-3.


Rimando, Rolly E., and Knuepfer, Peter L.K., 2006, Neotectonics of the Marikina Valley fault system (MVFS) and tectonic framework of structures in northern and central Luzon: Tectonophysics, v. 415, p. 17-38.


Rayburn, J.A., Knuepfer, P.L.K., and Franzi, D.A., 2005, A series of large late Wisconsinan meltwater floods through the Champlain and Hudson valleys, New York: Quaternary Science Reviews, v.24, p. 2410-2419.


Hsieh, Meng-Long, and Knuepfer, Peter L.K., 2002, Synchroneity and morphology of Holocene river terraces in the Southwestern Foothills, Taiwan: A guide to interpreting and correlating erosional river terraces across growing anticlines, in Byrne, T.B., and Liu, C.-S., eds., Geology and Geophysics of an Arc-Continent Collision, Taiwan: Geological Society of America Special Paper 358, p. 59-78.


Knuepfer, P.L.K., and Petersen, James F., 2002, Introduction; Geomorphology in the public eye: policy issues, education, and the public: Geomorphology, v. 47, p. 95-105.


Pazzaglia, Frank J., and Knuepfer, Peter L.K., 2001, Steady-state orogens; Preface: American Journal of Science, v. 301, p. ix-xi.


● Hsieh, Meng-Long, and Knuepfer, Peter L.K., 2001, Middle-Late Holocene river terraces in the Erhjen River basin, southwestern Taiwan-implications of river response to climate change and active tectonic uplift: Geomorphology, v. 38, p. 337-372.


Knuepfer, Peter L.K., and Hensler, Stephen M., 2000, Proglacial lakes, southern Cayuga and Seneca valleys, in Field Guide, 2000 Meeting of the New York State Geological Association.


● Hemphill-Haley, Mark A., Thomas L. Sawyer, Peter L. K. Knuepfer, Steven L. Forman, and Ivan G. Wong, 2000, Timing of faulting events from thermoluminescence dating of scarp-related deposits, Lemhi fault, southeastern Idaho, in Noller, Jay Stratton, Janet M. Sowers, and William R. Lettis, eds., Quaternary Geochronology: Methods and Applications: American Geophysical Union, AGU Reference Shelf 4, p. 541-548.



Courses Taught:


Envi 201-Environmental Science

Geol 211-Surface Processes

Geol 411/511-Advanced Geomorphology

Geol 413/513-Quaternary Geology




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