"Dermal Plates" - Probably Brachiopod Shell Fragments

These ornamented plates were suggested by Bryant (1921) to be dermal plates of an unknown organism.  However, it seems likey that most or all are fragments of linguloid brachiopods, which have phosphatic shells.

  These fossils were imaged with an Intell Intel.Play QX3 computer microscope at a magnification of 60X.   The image field of each image is 3 mm wide.  "N" - North Evans, NY; "PD" - Penn-Dixie. 

pdplt01.jpg (6527 bytes)pdplt02.jpg (5775 bytes)
pdplt03.jpg (6062 bytes)pdplt04.jpg (5466 bytes)
pdplt05.jpg (4634 bytes)pdplt06.jpg (5678 bytes) All PD


Bryant, W.L. (1921) The Genesee Conodonts. Bull. Buffalo Soc. Nat. Sci. 13, 1-59.

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