Shark Teeth

The fossils were imaged with an Intell Intel.Play QX3 computer microscope at a magnification of 60X.   The image field of each image is 3 mm wide.  PD - Penn-Dixie Quarry Site.

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Omalodus grabaui (Hussakof & Bryant, 1918)
pdta1a.jpg (4295 bytes)pdta1b.jpg (4482 bytes) (labial & lingual views) PD-T030

pdta2a.jpg (4687 bytes)
pdta2b.jpg (4263 bytes) (labial & lingual views) PD-T035

pdta3a.jpg (4152 bytes)pdta3b.jpg (4143 bytes) (labial & lingual views) PD-T036


Phoebodus sp. cf. P. fastigatus Ginter & Ivanov (1992)
pd-t025a.jpg (7642 bytes)
pd-t025b.jpg (8154 bytes) (labial & dorsal views) PD-T025
pd-t026c.jpg (7012 bytes)
pd-t026b.jpg (7852 bytes) (labial & dorsal views) PD-T026
pd-t024a.jpg (6971 bytes)
pd-t024b.jpg (6108 bytes) (labial & dorsal views) PD-T024

Wellerodus wellsi
Turner 1997
pd-t016.jpg (8262 bytes)
pd-t017.jpg (6300 bytes)
(Partials, exhibiting striations) PD-T016 (l) and PD-T017 (r)

Protacrodus sp.?
pd-t11b.jpg (32161 bytes)pd-t11a.jpg (29341 bytes) (labial & lingual views) PD-T011
pd-t09a.jpg (33556 bytes)
pd-t09b.jpg (42542 bytes)
A "family" of three teeth - PD-T009

Unknown species

pd-t14a.jpg (41339 bytes)pd-t14b.jpg (40722 bytes) PD-T014

pd-t15b.jpg (35576 bytes)pd-t15a.jpg (35158 bytes) PD-T015



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