The Panther Mountain Formation
NY Rt.28 between Fly Creek and Cooperstown

FlyCreek_Cooperstown.JPG (122458 bytes)

    This is a small roadside exposure on the north side NY Rt. 20/Rt. 80 between Fly Creek and Cooperstown, Otsego County, NY.   The Middle Devonian (Givetian) Panther Mountain Formation of the Hamilton Group is seen here, and is equivalent to the combined Skaneateles and Ludlowville Formations to the west.  The sandstone and shale found at this site contain primarily brachiopods and bivalves, often preserved as large numbers of individuals on a bedding plane.

Brachiopods (scale divisions 1 cm)

Cupulorostrum.JPG (85246 bytes)
Cupulorostrum sp. (sappho?)

Spirifer_1.JPG (45290 bytes) Spirifer_2.JPG (33502 bytes)
Spiriferid brachiopods (Mucrospirifer mucronatus?)

Eoschuchertella.JPG (100942 bytes)
Eoschuchertella sp.

Mucro_Cupulo.JPG (66937 bytes)
Cupulorostrum sp. (sappho?) and Mucrospirifer mucronatus

Bivalves (scale divisions 1 cm)

Leiopteria.JPG (43187 bytes) Lunulicardium.JPG (54753 bytes)
Left: Leiopteria sp.; Right:  Lunulicardium sp.

Nuculoidea.JPG (33073 bytes) Paleoneilo_emarginata.JPG (37155 bytes)
Left:  Nuculoidea sp.; Right: Paleoneilo emarginata

Trace Fossils (scale divisions 1 cm)

trace_1.jpg (40206 bytes)
trace_1a.jpg (45337 bytes)
Top:  two views of  a specimen with two unusual intersecting feeding burrows/furrows?  This was found in the talus, so its orientation in situ is uncertain.  The trace fossil is roughly trapezoidal in cross section.   Below:  detail of pattern on the side of the "burrow".     
trace_2.jpg (27532 bytes)

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