The Upper Windom Shale - Groves Creek
Ovid, NY

Note:  As always, please respect private property.  Permission to collect here must be obtained from the owner. 

GrovesCk004.jpg (101922 bytes)
View of creek bed.  Brink of waterfalls in center of picture.   The rock visible is Windom Shale approximately 1 m below the Tully Limestone / Windom Shale contact.

GrovesCk002.jpg (222823 bytes)
View looking upstream show falls formed by the Tully Limestone, and underlying Windom Shale..

Fossils from the Upper Windom Shale at Groves Creek
(Scale divisions = 1 cm)

Aulopora serpens Goldfuss - KAW1152.  See also under Atactotoechus furcatus below in "Bryozoa"
KAW1152_5.JPG (32150 bytes)

Amplexiphyllus hamiltoniae Hall) - KAW1229
kaw1229.jpg (51163 bytes)

Stereolasma rectum (Hall) - KAW1163
kaw1163.jpg (51619 bytes) 

Alveolites sp. - KAW1273
KAW1273_1.JPG (45902 bytes)
KAW1273_2.JPG (41110 bytes)
An "elephant ear" shaped colony - note attachment in right image (above the right end of the scale). 
KAW1273_3.JPG (45257 bytes)
Surface detail of above.

Atactotoechus furcatus - KAW1152
KAW1152_1.JPG (27715 bytes) KAW1152_2.JPG (27070 bytes)
Above: A large branching colony;  below: detail of the surface (left) and of an Aulopora serpens colony on one branch.
KAW1152_3.JPG (33731 bytes) KAW1152_5.JPG (32150 bytes)

Fistulipora sp. - KAW 1151
KAW1151_1.JPG (39298 bytes)
KAW1151_2.JPG (53046 bytes)
Right, surface detail.

Polypora multiplex Hall - KAW1257 (detail - right)
KAW1257_6.JPG (38097 bytes)
KAW1257_7.JPG (40235 bytes)

Sulcoretipora incisurata
(Hall) - KAW1212

kaw1212.jpg (45646 bytes) KAW1212_2.JPG (49440 bytes)
Right: detail of frond.


Protoleptostrophia perplana (Conrad) - KAW1211
kaw1211a.jpg (56248 bytes)

Pseudoatrypa devoniana
Webster - KAW1215
kaw1215.jpg (52164 bytes)

Rhipidomella vanuxemi
Hall - KAW1213
kaw1213.jpg (33684 bytes)


Platystoma lineata (Conrad) - KAW1214, KAW1462
kaw1214.jpg (27351 bytes)
kaw1462.jpg (38150 bytes)


Greenops sp. - KAW1778
kaw1778.jpg (30932 bytes)

Dipleura dekayi (Green) - KAW1186
kaw1186.jpg (90763 bytes)
kawnnnn.jpg (92722 bytes)
Left: pygidium; right: part of thoracic segment.


Dolatocrinus sp. - KAW1257 - draped with a Polypora frond.
KAW1257_2.JPG (35962 bytes)

(To see more of this crinoid/bryozoan slab Click Here)

Dolatocrinus sp. - KAW1043 - a somewhat crushed specimen.  Note detail of arms and calyx plates (right)
KAW1043_1.JPG (32189 bytes) KAW1043_3.JPG (39044 bytes)

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