NYS Devonian Sites - by Stratigraphic Position

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Sites listed by geographic region of NYS

    The following links lead to the descriptions of some representative fossil communities found in the Devonian of New York State, as well as field sites where they may be observed. 

Please remember many of these sites are private property, and permission should be obtained to collect there.

Upper Devonian

The Conneaut Group
    The Chadakoin Formation - in Lyons Road, Chautauqua County - WNY

The West Falls Group
    West Falls Group in Broome Count- Central NY
    Chemung Magnafacies at Chemung Narrows, Chemung County, NY 
    Rare Occurrence of Upper Devonian (Frasnian) Rugose Corals

The Genesee Group
    Falke Quarry - Oneonta Formation 
    The Fossils of Crumhorn Mountain  near Oneonta, NY

    The North Evans Limestone - a Bone Bed Lag Deposit  - Western NY
    Hoxie Gorge - with the problematic fossil Plumalina    

Middle Devonian

    Pyritized Fossils Assemblages in the Hamilton Group

The Tully Limestone
    The Tully Limestone at the Borodino Mounds Complex   New! 

The Moscow Formation (Hamilton Group)
    The Gilboa Fossil Forest  - Earth's Earliest Forests  
     The Gilboa Forest Floor - Riverside Quarry   New! 
    Windom Shale (Moscow Frm.) in Central NY - The Tully Site
    Windom Shale (Moscow Frm.) in Central NY - The Sheds Site
    Moscow Shale, Portland Point, NY   
  The Upper Windom Shale - Groves Creek - Ovid
   The Penn-Dixie Pyrite Bed of the Windom Shale -Western NY
    Windom Shale (Moscow Frm.) in Western NY
    Deep Run - Menteth Remnant - Buffalo Creek - Western NY       
    Tichenor Limestone in Western NY 
     Deep Springs Road Quarry - Windom Shale (Moscow Frm.) 

The Ludlowville Formation (Hamilton Group)
    Wanakah Shale in Western NY 
    Upper Ludlowville Formation in Central NY - The Cascade Roadcut 
    The Alden Pyrite Bed of the Ledyard Shale - Western NY_
    Fayette Town Quarry - the Skaneateles Frm. / Ludlowville Frm. Contact
   The Francis Road RR Cut - Lower Ludlowville Frm.
   The Briggs Road Quarry - Upper Ludlowville Frm. 
   The Panther Mountain Formation near Cooperstown, NY 

The Skaneateles Formation (Hamilton Group)
    Delphi Station Member in Central NY
    Delphi Station Member - Beaver Creek Road Cut - Brookfield, NY 
     Delphi Station Member - a transient site near Lake Moraine Site 
    Pompey Shale at Irish Ridge Road - Central NY)

The Marcellus Formation (Hamilton Group)
    The Swamp Road Roadcut - near Morrisville, Central NY
    The Chestnut Street Road Cut - Cherry Valley, Central NY

The Onondaga Limestone
    The Onondaga/Union Springs Bone Bed - Jamesville, NY 
    The Edgecliff Member - Cherry Valley, NY 
    The Nedrow Member - Jamesville, NY    

Lower Devonian
The Tristates Group
    The Oriskany Sandstone - Seneca Stone Quarry

The Helderberg Group

    The Becraft and Kalkberg Formations at Schoharie, NY  
    The Helderberg Group near Syracuse 
    The Kalkberg Ls (Helderberg Group) at Leesville, NY  


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