Fossil of the Month - March 1999

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Scale divisions 1 cm

    This is the bryozoan Unitrypa scalaris Hall.   This bryozoan formed a funnel-shaped frond; here we see the lower part of the colony, the stem as it were, broken off a short distance above the holdfast that achored the colony to the substratum.  The fenestrated frond part can be seen in the top portion of the fossil.  The stem is itself a substratum for another, encrusting bryozoan, Lichenalia stella Hall.  There are numerous other species of bryozoa and crinoid columnal present in this small slab.

Origin:  The lower surface of the Techenor Limestone (Moscow Formation, Hamilton Group, Middle Devonian) at Buffalo Creek near Marilla, Erie County, NY.  It may in fact represent a remnant of the Jaycox Member of the Ludlowville Formation that adhers to the Tichenor Ls.

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