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These are some websites that I have found useful and educational:

Professional Paleontology Sites:
Geological Society of America - Good source of publications, especially the Treatis on Invertebrate Paleontology.
Association of American State Geologists - Good reference if you're going collecting in another state.
Palaeontological Association - Good publications and other information - UK based.
Paleontological Society - "short courses in paleontology" publications excellent.
Paleontology Division, Geological Association of Canada - Field trip guidebooks and other publications.

New York State Paleontology Organizations and Groups:
Museum of the Earth at the Paleontological Research Institution - Ithaca, NY.  Displays, field trips, lectures.  Site also has several virtual field trips.
New York Paleontology Society
- New York City area group.  "Paleo-News Links" especially interesting.
Rochester Academy of Science, Fossil Section - Good reference section for NY fossils and stratigraphy.
The Hamburg Natural History Society - Info on the society and digs at the Penn Dixie site.
Central New York Paleontology Group - An informal group of professional and student paleontologists
New York State Geological Association - Guidebooks from their annual meetings are excellent for planning field trips.
Stratigraphy and Paleontology Research Group - at SUNY at Buffalo (aka University at Buffalo
Buffalo Geological Society - affliiate of the Buffalo Museum of Science 

Other Sites Related to New York Paleontology:
Mohawk Valley Fossils - Ordivician stratigraphy and fossils of the Mohawk Valley of New York (sporadic availability).
Prehistoric Pittsford - Silurian Eurypterid fauna of this village near Rochester, NY (by Sam Ciurca)
Prehistoric World of Eurypterids -Another eurypterid site by Sam
Langs Fossils - Describing a commerical fossil quarry in central NY - great pictures of eurypterids, the NYS fossil!   
Paleontology and Stratigraphy of the Rochester, New York Area - Won a Young Naturalist 2000 award.
The Gilboa Forest - The remains of a Devonian forest, uncovered near the village of Gilboa.
The Gilboa Formation - more info on this Devonian forest and associated fauna.
Lester Park - Park with 490 million year-old fossil sea floor exposed, stromatolites form "Petrified Gardens"  - NYSM site
Lester Park - Another site on the Lester Park stromatolites - great pictures
Petrified Creatures Museum of Natural History - Museum; dig your own Devonian fossils; life size dinosaur replicas
18 Mile Creek, NYFrom the "FoosilGuy" 
Beecher's Trilobite Bed - Trilobites with preserved appendages from a small quarry near Rome, NY
Nonmarine Palynology of Upper Devonian Deposits at South Mountain, Eastern NY 
Devonian Stratigraghy and Fossil Assemblages of WNY - Univ. at Buffalo field trip.  
IDEAS Field Geology Workshop - Devonian Paleontology - from Dr. J Bret Bennington at Hofstra Univ.

Devonian Limestone Exposures near Cherry Valley, NY - Photos from a field trip, by Dr. J Bret Bennington at Hofstra Univ.
Past and Present Science and Nature Store and Fossil Gallery - Fossils from NY, Ontario, and other sites 
Walcott-Rust Quarry
- Famous for well preserved Trenton Group trilobites (commercial site)
Arthrophycus - A blog by John Handley, primarily NY paleontology.   

Other Sites Related to New York Geology, Stratigraphy, and Mineralogy:

New York Geology Resource Forum- A wonderful compendium of sites related to New York geology, including paleontology.
Geology and Geography of New York Bight Beaches -From Hunter College
Mustaf's Mega GeoLinks- Part of The New York Geology Resource Page with a great collection of links
New York State Geological Association - Guidebooks from their annual meetings are excellent for planning field trips.
Geological History of Rochester
The Geology of the Buffalo Region
- An on-line replica of the NY Museum Bulletin 99 (1906) by Columbia University Libraries
Cayuga County and Finger Lakes Page - Old maps as well as modern infra red aerial photos of this fossil-rich region
Letchworth State Park - Geology of the Genesee River gorge from St. Lawrence University Geology Club

Rock City Park - Quartz pebble conglomerate in huge boulders are the attraction here (Olean, NY).  
Panama Rocks - Similar to Rock City  
Field Exercises Map - Cornell University geology course site with pictures of several sites 
Exploring Devonian Rock of New York State - U. Penn fieldtrip to lower Devonian sites 
Geology of New York State - Photos, Movies, and QTVR Panoramas (Hofstra U.)
New York State Academy of Mineralogy - Great images of NYS minerals at the NYS Museum
Geology of the New York City Region - Field-trip Guidebook from the USGS. 
Geologic Overview of the Trenton Group at West Canada Creek, New York - Harvard Dept. of Invert. Paleo.
Fractured Devonian Strata in Northern Chautauqua and Erie Counties, NY - By Gary Lash at SUNY at Fredonia
The Dunkirk Shale as an Ancient Fluid Seal - By Gary Lash at SUNY at Fredonia
Geologic History of Eastern New York State - From the Geol205 website at U. Penn. 
The Paleontology Portal - New York - A resource for links, fossil images, etc.  

Colleges and University Geology Departments in New York State:

Dept. of Geology, University at Buffalo
Dept. of Geosciences, SUNY at Fredonia
Geology Dept., SUNY at Cortland
Geological Sciences and Environmental Studies, Binghamton University
Earth Sciences, Buffalo State College
Dept. of Geological and Environmental Sciences, Hartwick College
Dept. of Earth & Environmental Sciences, Univ. of Rochester
Geology at Hamilton College
Geology at Colgate University
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Cornell University
Dept. of Earth Sciences, Syracuse University
Columbia University Earth & Environmental Sciences
Earth & Environmental Sciences, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Dept. of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, University at Albany
Dept. of Geosciences, Stony Brook University
Geology Department at SUNY Potsdam
Geology - SUNY New Paltz
Hobart and William Smith Geosciences 

Museums in New York State with Paleontology Displays:
American Museum of Natural History - New York City
Buffalo Museum of Science -
New York State Museum -
The Museum of the Earth -
New museum of the Paleontological Research Institution, Ithaca
Rochester Museum & Science Center -
Robert M. Linsley Museum - at Colgate University 

Paleontology in States Near New York:

Pennsylvania Geological Survey
Delaware Valley Paleontological Society -
Based at the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences
Devonian Times - Tetrapods Have Landed
- Devonian  vertebrate fossils at Red Hill, Pennsylvania
Swatara State Park - Pennsylvania state park with Devonian fossil hunting allowed.
The Swatara Gap Fossil Migration - On the movement of Swarta Gap fossiliferous rock to Swatara State Park
Fossils From Pennsylvania - Fossils from the Middle Devonian Mahantango Formation
Mahantango Fossils - a commercial site with nice imaging of fossils from the Mahantago Frm. 
Bibliographies of Stratigraphic Units in Central Pennsylvania -From the Geology Dept. at Bucknell Univ.

New Jersey
New Jersey Geological Survey
New Jersey Fossils
- By Derek Yoost, information on Big Brook and Shark River site, etc.

Vermont Geological Survey
Fossils of the Champlain Valley
Charlotte, The Vermont Whale -
A Pleistocene whale fossil.
Chazy Reef at Isle LaMotte -
"The World's Oldest Coral Reefs"

First Impressions -
More on the dinosaur footprints of Connecticut
Geology of Connecticut - by Lisa Alter from the York-New Haven Teachers Institute
Dinosaur State Park - Dinosaurs and their tracks are the attraction here.
The Peabody Museum of Yale University

Ontario (Canada)
Hungry Hollow - Arkona, ON, Middle Devonian
Arkona/Hungry Hollow - Another site on this excellent collecting site.
Royal Ontario Museum
Niagara Peninsula Geological Society

West Virginia
Plant Fossils of West Virginia - Nice plant fossil site!
West Virginia:  Fossil Coral (state gem)

West Virginia Fossil Club - Based in Clarksburg WV.
West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey - Maps. pictures of fossils, and more
WVGE Mini-Museum of Geology and Natural History - Fossils and minerals
Prehistoriic West Virginia - website an association of fossil, mineral, rock and gem collectors  


Common Fossils of the Costal Plain Province of Virginia
Virginia Museum of Natural History
The Geological Evolution of Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic Region -
Site covers the Catskill clastic wedge well 

Kentucky Paleontological Society
Kyana Geological Society 

Geology and Fossils of Tennessee - At the McClung Museum of the Univ. of Tennessee
Welcome to the Gray Site - Fossils in the clays of a Miocene sinkhole pond
Nashville Geology Homepage - Fossils, fieldtrips, etc.
Tennessee State Fossil Home Page -
The bivalve Pterotrigonia (Scabrotrigonia) thoracica from the Late Cretaceous
Middle Tennessee Rockhounds -
A Nashville-based Club

Collecting Missouri Fossils - A publication from the Missouri Dept. Nat. Res.; gives collecting site info
Eastern Missouri Society for Paleontology - Based in St. Louis - includes fossil sites

Paleontology and Geology of Missouri
- A great website by Barry Sutton!

Ohio Geological Survey
Stratigraphy and Fossil Fauna of Upper Ordovician rocks near Cincinnati, Ohio
North Coast Fossil Club -
Based in Cleveland
Dry Dredgers -
An association of amateur paleontologists based in Cincinnati
Trammel Fossil Park - Upper Ordovician fossils in Sharonville, OH, near Cincinnati 

Ichnology - Trace Fossils:
Introduction to Ichnology - by Anthony Martin at Emory University
Types of Ichnofacies
- Trace fossil assemblages and their paleoenvironmental interpretation

A Guide to the Orders of Trilobites - Sam Gon's spectacular site.
Le Grand Presents Trilobites - Primarily Bolivia trilobites
The Semi-Compleat Trilobite - A wide range of images
Per Hansson's Trilobite Gallery - Trilobites from Sweden
The Western Trilobite Association - With great trilobite images, strategraphic info, and locations. 
Beecher's Trilobite Bed - Trilobites with preserved appendages from a small quarry near Rome, NY
Walcott-Rust Quarry
- Famous for well preserved Trenton Group trilobites

Other Paleontology Links:
The Paleobiology Database - collection-based occurrence and taxonomic database funded by the NSF.  
The Paleontological Portal - New site "a resource for anyone interested in paleontology". 
Paleontology & Fossils Resources
- Many useful links.
Kuban's Paleo Place  - Glen Kuban's website - lots of useful info.
Links for Paleobotanists - many useful links from this German site  
Paleobiology Topics - a great set of links covering many aspects of paleobiology- from Indiana U./Purdue U. Indianaoplis.
Paleontology - Selected Online Resources - From the USGS. 

Fossil Preparation and Conservation - Forida Museum of Natural History site. 
Preparation and Conservation Supplies and Equipment - Another useful site from the Forida Museum of Natural History site. 
Adhesives and Consolidants (for Paleontology) - from the SPNHC 
History of Paleozoic Forests - The Earliest Land Plants - Palaeobotanical Research Group at the University of Münster. 
Paleontology and Geology of Missouri - Barry Sutton's great site - primarily Pennsylvanian and Mississippian
Oceans of Kansas Paleontology - Great site on the Late CretaceousWestern Interior Sea 
The Virtual Paleobotany Lab - Covers the evolution of plants 
Invertebrate Paleontology Tutorial - From SUNY at Cortland

 Sites Where Online Maps Are Available:
NYS GIS - The NYS Geographic Information Systems Clearinghouse -topo maps
Topo Zone - Topo maps covering the entire US.
Mapquest - Maps and driving direstions online.
USGS Geographic Names Information System - With linking to TerraServer
Maps of Ancient Earth - Trace continental drift. 
Google Maps
Google Earth

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