Concentration in Politics and Law

Department of Political Science
Binghamton University

The United States Supreme Court

Concentration Advisor: Wendy Martinek

At the intersection of law, politics, and public policy rest some of the most interesting questions in contemporary society. How does the law develop? What are the philosophies underpinning law and its relationship to society? How do political entities structure their legal systems? What effects do these choices have on individuals, groups, and polities?

The Concentration in Politics and Law (available to all Political Science majors) recognizes students who orient their studies to these sorts of questions. This concentration is designed to stimulate critical inquiry about the law, legal processes, and the politics of legal systems. To complete this concentration, students take nine (9) courses altogether. Four (4) of the courses must be from the list of core courses below. The other five (5) courses can be "core" courses, "related" courses, or a combintion. Note: Only political science courses count toward the ten-course requirement for completing the political science major.

There is also a companion Concentration in Global and International Affairs offered in the Department of Political Science.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Concentrations

To download the Politics & Law Concentration worksheet, click here.

Students pursuing the Concentration in Politics and Law are encouraged to develop a local law-related internship and/or to participate in the Albany or Washington Semester programs (PLSC 394 & PLSC 395).

Revised April 3, 2006