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Mahua Sarkar
মহুয়া সরকার

Associate Professor
Department of Sociology
Department of Asian / Asian American Studies
Program in Women's Studies

Binghamton University
Binghamton, NY 13902
phone: 607 777 2276
msarkar *AT*

From August 2009 to July 2010:
Visiting Fellow at the
Center for the Study of Developing Societies
in Delhi

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Here is some of my recent work, available online:

Sarkar, Mahua. 2006. "Difference in Memory." Comparative Studies in Society and History, 139-68.

Böröcz, József and Mahua Sarkar. 2005. "What Is the EU?" International Sociology, 20,2(June):153-73.  Magyar version: 2005. "Mi az Európai Unió?" Politikatudományi Szemle, 3: 151-77..  Belarusian version: 2006. "Што такое Еўрапейскі Звяз?" ARCHÉ, 1-2.

Sarkar, Mahua. 2004. "Looking for Feminism." Gender and History, 16,2 (August): 318-33.

Sarkar, Mahua. 2001. "Muslim Women and the Politics of (In)Visibility in Late Colonial Bengal," Journal of Historical Sociology, 14,2 (June): 226-50.

Recent engagements outside SUNY:

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