Neha Khanna, Ph.D.
Professor, Economics and Environmental Studies Binghamton University
Adjunct Professor, Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University

Contact Information Department of Economics, LT 1004
P.O. Box 6000, Binghamton University
Binghamton, NY 13902-6000
Phone: 607-777-2689; Fax: 607-777-2681; Email:
Office Hours
  • Fall 2020: to be announced
Professional Information
Ph.D. Students
  • Ruohao Zhang, in progress (committee Chairperson)
  • Binish Rijal, Ph.D. 2018, Post-doctoral Associate, Department of Economics, University of California, Irvine. (committee Chairperson)
  • Huan Li, Ph.D. 2015, Assistant Professor, Economics, North Carolina A&T State University. (committee Chairperson)
    Winner Binghamton University's Sustainable Communities Transdisciplinary Area of Excellence Graduate Student Research Grant, 2013-2014.
  • Todd Guilfoos, Ph.D. 2013, Associate Professor, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, University of Rhode Island, (committee co-Chairperson)
  • Michael S. Delgado, Ph.D. 2012, Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University (committee co-Chairperson)
    Winner Binghamton University's Excellence in Research Award, 2011-2012.
  • Jessica Harriger-Lin, Ph.D. 2010, Associate Professor, Economics, Western Illinois University (committee chairperson)
  • Michael O'Hara, Ph.D. 2007, Assistant Professor of Economics, St. Lawrence University (Ph.D. committee chairperson)
  • Martina Vidovic, Ph.D. 2003, Associate Professor of Economics, Rollins Collge (committee chairperson)

  • At the AERE Summer 2013 conference in Banff (from left to right: Michael S. Delgado, Jessica Harriger, Neha Khanna and Martina Vidovic)
  • At the AAEA 2014 conference in Minneapolis (from left to right: Neha Khanna, Huan Li and Michael S. Delgado)
  • At the AAEA 2016 conference in Boston (from left to right: Chad Meyerhoefer, Neha Khanna, Michael S. Delgado and Todd Guilfoos)
  • At the AERE summer 2017 conference in Pittsburgh (from left to right: Huan Li, Neha Khanna, Shanxia Sun, Michael S. Delgado and Yanbing Wang)
  • At the AAEA 2017 conference in Chicago (from left to right: Sarah Jacobson, Huan Li, Shanxia Sun, Edie Yao, Neha Khanna, Yanbing Wang, Michael S. Delgado, Todd Guilfoos)
  • In Indianapolis, spring 2019 (from left to right: Jessica Harriger-Lin, Neha Khanna and Michael S. Delgado)
  • At Purdue University, spring 2019 (from left to right: Jixuan Yao, Neha Khanna and Michael S. Delgado)
  • Microeconomics: ECON160c: Principles of Microeconomics, ECON500: Microeconomic Theory
  • Environmental & Resource Economics: ECON331: Environmental Economics, ECON433: Natural Resource Economics;
    ECON683: Ph.D. Seminar in Environmental Economics
  • Applied Econometrics: ECON502: Econometric Methods
  • Research Methods: ECON694: Ph.D. Seminar II
Research Areas
World oil
Envi. policy
Climate change