Ludlow Massacre, Colorado
In April of 1914, class war raged in southern Colorado.  Colorado
National Guard Troops fired machine guns into the tent camp of
striking miners and their families at Ludlow. Later that day, they
charged into the tents and set them afire.  Nineteen people died
in the camp including two women and 11 children.  The next day,
the troops huddled in the smoldering ruins of the tents besieged
by enraged miners.  Armed groups of strikers launched a guerilla
war razing company towns and killing company men.  After 10
days, Federal Troops intervened. More than 70 people died from
strike related violence.  The National Guard's killing of women
and children shocked the nation, and helped turn management
policies away from direct confrontation with strikers to strategies
of co-option of workers’ demands.  The massacre also created the
perfect archaeological site - a short term occupation destroyed by
fire.  In 1996, Dean Saitta, Phillip Duke and I formed the Ludlow
Collective which ran The Archaeology of the Colorado Coal Field
War, 1913-1914 Project until 2006.  The archaeologists of the
Ludlow Collective excavated in the camp and in the company town
of Berwind.  We addressed a variety of communities that include
archaeologists, educators, and the children and grandchildren of
the strikers.  We worked in collaboration with the United Mine
Workers of America to create a working class archaeology and to
remind the American Public that workers won their rights with

Project Web Site: http://www.du.edu/ludlow/index.html
June 1914 cover of The Masses depicting the Ludlow Massacre by John Sloan
“I suppose I'll live a long time, but I don't see how I can ever be
happy again...I can't have my babies back. But perhaps when
everybody knows about them, something will be done to make
the world a better place for all babies." 

Mary Petrucci: survivor of the Ludlow death pit.
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Ludlow Collective: Donna Bryant, Dan Brockman, Sarah Chicone, Bonnie Clark, Philip Duke, Amie Gray, Claire Horn, Michael Jacobson,Kristen Jones,
Karin Larkin, Jason Lapham, Randall McGuire, Summer Moore, Paul Reckner, Beth Rudden, Dean Saitta, Mark Walker, & Margaret Wood.RETURN
Solidarity Ludlow Memorial Dean Saitta at Ludlow Memorial
Ludlow After the Massacre UMWA Seal Family at Ludlow
Excavating Tent Celler Coffee Can With Bullet Holes UMW President Cecil Roberts & Exhibit
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