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Teaching my passion!
Teaching is one of the most fulfilling, satisfying, and joyful
things that I do.  It forms an integral part of the seamless
whole that is my professional life. For me, effective teaching
springs from a human relationship between the teacher and
the student. As such, education cannot be “instructor-
centered”, or in the fashionable parlance of current pedagogy,
“student centered”. Instead it must establish relationships that
encompass all participants.  Like Shakespearean comedy,
some parts of my classes play to the pits, others to the balcony -
- everyone can get something. I strive to move students
towards an analytical understanding of the world that allows
them to critically evaluate different knowledge claims and
theories.  Ultimately, they should be able to use critique to
create new knowledge and understandings. Critical thinking
requires something to think about and to analyze or it becomes
sophistry. Anthropology provides both content for analysis and a
critique that makes the exotic familiar and the familiar exotic. 
In 1992, the State University of New York awarded me the
Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
and Binghamton University awarded me the University Award
for Excellence in Graduate Teaching. In 2002, the American
Anthropological Association presented me with the McGraw-
Hill AAA Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching of
Anthropology.  PUBLICATION
"Boy's"  by Jo Ann Alvino, Binghamton University Pipe Dream - Part 1
"Boy's"  by Jo Ann Alvino, Binghamton University Pipe Dream - Part 2
I describe the lecture above in "The View From the Pit"
Education does not change the world: education changes the people who will change the world.
Paulo Freire
Green Line
Boys by Jo Ann Alvino
History of Anthropological Thought, Anth 300 (Spring 2010)
Native America Today, Anth 370 (Spring 2013)
Current Issues and Debates in Anthropology, Anth 504 (Spring 2014)
Strategies in Archaeology, Anth 551 (Fall 2014)
Indigenous Archaeology, Anth 554D (Spring 2007)
Historical Archaeology, Anth 576L (Spring 2012)
Archaeology of the Southwest U.S. & Northwest Mexico, Anth 576 (Fall 2004)
Management of Archaeological Field Research, Anth 583M (Spring 2003)  
Classes - Fall 2016
Introduction to Anthropology, Anth 111 (Fall 2006)         
Native American Culture & History, Anth 256/Hist 268 (Fall 2016)         
Undergraduate Classes
Graduate Classes
Green Line
Green Line
Green Line
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Link to American Anthropological Association web page, this is Anthropology
Archaeology of the Contemporary, Anth 554E (Spring 2014)
Native America Today, Anth 370 (Spring 2015)
Buried Cities and Lost Tribes,  Anth 125 (Spring 2016)
Proposal Writing, Anth 593 (Spring 2016)
Marxism and Archaeology,   Anth 554D (Spring 2016)
History of Anthropology, Anth 501 (Fall 2016)