Nick Kaldis

Professor Kaldis received an M.A. degree in English from Purdue University, and M.A. & Ph.D. degrees in Chinese Literature from Ohio State University. He has also studied at the Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies in Taipei. He has taught English composition and technical writing, introductory courses to East Asian cultures, and courses in Chinese language, literature, culture, and film. From 1999 to 2001, Professor Kaldis was visiting assistant professor of Chinese Language and Literature at the University of Minnesota. His fields of specialization and areas of interest include: Modern Chinese Literature, Fiction and Prose Poetry of Lu Xun, Chinese Cinema, History of Chinese Literature, Literary Theory and Criticism, Psychoanalytic Theories, and Traditional Chinese Literary Theories.

Office: LT1102
Tel: (607) 777-5796
Email: nkaldis@binghamton.edu



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Unsettling Art: A Study of Lu Xun’s Yecao (Sample Chapter and Prospectus Currently under submission).

Nature Writing in Contemporary Taiwan: The Essays of Liu Kexiang (Edited volume of Translations, selected and commissioned by the author. Expected publication date: Autumn 2008).

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