Daily Assignments – Latin 203 (Intermediate Latin), Fall 2013 Starks –Binghamton University SUNY:

Readings below are to be completed by the day they appear on the syllabus, as they will comprise the primary subject matter for consideration in class that day. 


Some Independent Study Aids:


Lewis – Elementary Latin Dictionary

Lewis & Short – comprehensive Latin dictionary

Latin Word Study tool - enter the full Latin form and you should get a complete grammatical analysis of the word + a dictionary entry
Latin Dictionary headwords - searchable by Latin roots and English meanings - enter laud to search for laudo, laudabilis, laudatio etc.
English to Latin word search
Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar for Schools and Colleges (eds. J. B. Greenough, G. L. Kittredge, A. A. Howard, Benj. L. D'Ooge) - a fairly advanced and comprehensive Latin grammar

Latin Library - best currently available collection of searchable Latin texts, classical, late Latin, and some Medieval and Neo-Latin

Many Helpful Latin and Classics Links – Numerous resources on grammar, vocabulary and culture gathered by the editors of your text


Book Abbreviations for Assignments Below

LG = Latin Grammar, Oxford, including Ex(ercises) on specific pages;


WRW = PAGE NUMBERS in World of Roman Women


OLC = supplementary text on On-line Companion to Worlds of Roman Women / see link below

In LG, read the assignment and complete all exercises on the pages listed. In WRW, read aloud and translate the passages, as often as possible, without writing down a word for word translation. Never write translations in the book itself - keep a clean text and make notes.

On-Line Companion to Worlds of Roman Women  - texts, images, commentary

M 8-26



Noun Uses, LG 6-15 (Ex. P. 15)


Verb Morphology Review - Active Indicative/Subjunctive/Imperative
Present/Imperfect/Future Tenses LG 33-45

M 10-21

 World of Family (WRW 61-63)


Propertius Elegiae 4.11 (WRW 79-81)


OLC Julia Secunda & Cornelia Tyche, Suetonius Divus Iulius 6: Julia, aunt of Caesar


Review last 12 images of FAMILY at OLC link above

W 8-28

Relative Clauses, Time/Place/Space LG 69-75 (Ex pp. 70 & 75)


Impersonal Verbs, LG 104-107 (Ex. 105-6 & 107)


Conditions LG 114-117 (Ex. 117)


Verb Morphology Review

Active Indicative/Subjunctive/Imperative
Perfect/FutPerfect/Pluperfect Tenses LG 33-45


See principal parts 62-67

W 10-23

Nepos Cornelia fr. 1-2 (WRW 77) – further notes here


OLC Valerius Maximus Memorabilia 4.4: Cornelia Gracchorum


Cicero ad Familiares 14.20 (WRW 85)


Review first 12 Images of FAMILY at OLC link above

M 9-2


W 9-4

*dies laboris (vere, nullius laboris) et feriae novi anni Iudaici*

M 10-28

Petronius 37, 67, 76 (WRW 73-74), ILS1046a (WRW 75)


OLC World of Class: Petronia Hedone, Claudia Olympias, Antonia Caenis


OLC World of Class: Nepos de Viris Illustribus, praefatio 2-7: Greek and Roman Women


Review Images of JEWELRY at OLC link here



M 9-9

Participles LG 76-81 (Ex. p. 81)

Time Clauses LG 118-121 (Ex. pp. 120-21)


Verb Morphology Review - Passive Perfect System = Perf, Pluperf, FutPerf Tenses
LG 46-55 


Verb Morphology Review – Some Tips LG 137-141


See principal parts LG 62-67



W 10-30

Valerius Maximus 4.6.4 (WRW 95), Plautus Epidicus (WRW 101), Livy 4.44 (WRW 103)


OLC Macrobius Saturnalia 2.5.1-5,9: Julia, daughter of Augustus, Cicero Pro Caelio 33-34: Clodia Metelli


Review Images of Julia at OLC link here


Review Images of CLOTHING at OLC link here

W 9-11

Indirect Statement LG 82-85 (Ex. 85)


Cum/Dum LG 122-125 (Ex. 125)


Because/although/as if LG 126-129 (Ex. 129)


Verb Morphology Review - Passive Present System = Pres, Imperf, Fut Tenses
LG 46-55


See principal parts LG 62-67

M 11-4

 World of the Body (WRW 87-91)


Celsus de Medicina 2.8,4.27 (WRW 91), Ovid Amores 1.14.1-5, 13-18 (WRW 104)


OLC Claudia Semne 


OLC Claudia Octavia, from pseudo-Seneca tragedy on daughter of Claudius and wife of Nero Review Images of COSMETICS and BODY & HEALTH at OLC link here

M 9-16

Direct and Indirect Questions & Commands LG 86-95 (Ex. 91 & 94-95)


Quin/quominus LG 130-32 (Ex. 132)


Some/Any/Every/Each/Other LG 133-136 (Ex. 136)


Verb Morphology Review - Deponents/Semi-Deponents

LG 56, 67-68


See principal parts LG 62-67

W 11-6


 OLC Ovid Ars Amatoria 3.281-310 – Advice for Girls


Pliny Epistulae 8.10 (WRW 97)



W 9-18

Ut Clauses (Purpose, Result, Fear) LG 96-103  (Ex. 98, 101, 103)


Gerunds, Gerundives LG 108-113 (Ex. 113)


Verb Morphology Review - irregulars LG 57-62



M 11-11


 World of the State (WRW 105-107)


Livy 1.47-48: Tullia Minor (WRW 113) (Read intro on Tanaquil WRW 111 and all English here)


Sallust Bellum Catilinum 24.4-5, 25 (WRW 123)


Review Images of HAIRSTYLES at OLC link here

M 9-23

WRW Intro, World of Childhood pp. 1-8

CLE 1518 (WRW 9) = OLC Euodia Cipara (see below)


OLC Minucia Suavis, Helena, Maconiana Severiana


ILS 5213 (WRW 11)


Review Images of Childhood GIRLS at OLC link above 


TAKE HOME EXAM I on Grammar Assigned

W 11-13




Livy 2.40: Veturia (WRW 117)


OLC Horace Carmina 3.6, Livy 1.11.5-9: Tarpeia


Review Images of She-Wolf, Sabine Women and Tarpeia at OLC link above

W 9-25

Aulus Gellius Noctes Atticae 1.12.1-10 (WRW 17), Naevius 74.9 (WRW 20)


OLC Pliny Epistulae 7.18


OLC Young Girl + Activity ‘Complete a Latin Inscription’


Review Images of Childhood PLAYTHINGS at OLC link above

 F 11-15

EXAM II – Arrange a time to come by my office and take the exam – set aside about 1 1/2 -2 ½ hours for completing this

F 9-27

TAKE HOME EXAM I on Grammar DUE – Hardcopy, my office, by 5 PM

M 11-18

 Tacitus Annales 1.33, 40, 69 (WRW 125-126)


OLC Tacitus Annales 1.3-6: Livia, 14.34-35: Boudica


Review Images of Livia, Agrippina I and Agrippina II at OLC link above

M 9-30

Gellius 1.12.11-19 (WRW 19)


OLC Caecinia Bassa


Martial Epigrammata 3.69.5-8 (WRW 27)


Vindolanda Letter of Claudia Severa

Vindolanda Tablet 291 ONLINE – see Claudia’s and her scribe’s handwriting


Review Images of Childhood MONUMENTS, COINS at OLC Link

W 11-20

World of Work (WRW 127-129)


Columella de Re Rustica 1.8.19 = OLC here, CIL 6.6647 (WRW 133)


ILS 6373: Naevoleia Tyche – see here (WRW 135) OLC Caupona of Salvius


Pliny Historia Naturalis excerpts, 35.147-148, 7.158 (WRW 137)


OLC Gnome Pierinis, Aurelia Nais, Septimia Stratonice, Servia Cornelia Sabina


Review Images of INSCRIPTIONS at OLC link above


W 10-2

World of Learning WRW pp. 21-23


Pliny Epistulae 4.19 (WRW 25-27) – full text with vocab help here


OLC Valerius Maximus 8.3.1-3: Amesia, Afrania, Hortensia – Women as Public Speakers in Court


Review first 4 Images of Learning at OLC

M 11-25

OLC Vernae; Plautus Menaechmi 182-218: Erotium, a courtesan, Ulpian Digesta Iustiniani defining prostitution


Vergil Aeneid 8.407-415 (WRW 140) = OLC here


Review Images of WORKERS and WORKPLACE at Link Above

M 10-7

Suetonius Augustus 64.2-3, Quintilian 1.1.4,6 (for 1.1.6 see also here) (WRW 33)


OLC Martial 9.68: girls at school


Sulpicia Conquestio 7-11 (WRW 36)


Review next 4 Images of Learning at OLC



W 11-27

*feriae supplicationis*

W 10-9

Juvenal 6.434-456 (WRW 35)


ILS 1221 a, b (WRW 47) + image here

ILS 8403 (WRW 49)


OLC Claudia Piste, Julia Capriola,


Review last 4 Images of Learning at OLC

M 12-2

World of Religion – read intro here


OLC officia sacra feminea - Women and Family Religious Ritual


World of Flirtation (WRW 141-142)


OLC Tacitus Annales 2.85.1-4 (Vistilia)

M 10-14

World of Marriage, WRW pp. 37-39


Valerius Maximus 6.7 (WRW 51), Pliny 7.5, Martial 11.53 (WRW 55)


OLC Furia Spes, Nothi coniunx, Tacitus Annales 11.12: Messalina, Martial 4.13 Claudia Peregrina


Review images of Marriage Ceremony and Dextrarum Iunctio at OLC link above

W 12-4

 Ovid Ars Amatoria (WRW 145)


Catullus Carmina 7 & 11 – Opposite ends of an affair


OLC Catullus Carmina 70, Maria Auxesis



W 10-16

CIL 6.6593, Valerius Maximus 4.3.3 - Antonia, 4.6.5 (WRW 53)


Plautus Menaechmi 602-652 (WRW 57-60)


Review images of CONIUGES here



M 12-9

Ovid Ars Amatoria excerpts (WRW 147)


Catullus Carmina 3; Horace Carmina 1.22



W 12-11

Sulpicia 1-6 (WRW 151-153) – additional notes here


Review all images of FLIRTATION at OLC


OLC Curse Tablets



W 12-18

2-4 PM

FA 241