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Tomb of businesswoman  Naevoleia Tyche, 1st c. CE

(Pompeii, photo John Starks 2005 )


Daily Assignments/Syllabus


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Cornelia, Mother of the Gracchi

“These are my Jewels”       Honore Daumier, 1842  

‘Ancient History #46’ (Cleveland Museum of Art)

Commemorative Bronze Sestertius –

Obverse: Agrippina Maior; Reverse: funeral cart pulled by mules

minted by her son, Emperor Caligula 37-41 CE

(Image - Forum Ancient Coins)



Prof. John H. Starks, Jr.


Library Tower 1102


Office Hours: 9-10 AM W, Th

Course Requirements/Grading

Latin 203                    Intermediate Latin

de vitis mulierum Romanarum

Binghamton University SUNY

Fall 2011                          Science Library 302

MW 3:30-4:55 PM


Roman woman having hair dressed by slaves

Tomb, Rheinisches Landesmuseum Trier

(Image – B. McManus, VRoma)

Course Objectives:

            * Improved fluency in translating and understanding Latin literary and documentary texts

            * Functional command of major grammatical and syntactical constructions in Latin

            * Understanding and awareness of women’s roles in Roman society

            * Discernment of gendered and class-based perspectives in reading Latin texts about women