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Distinguished Professor of Anthropology
Department of Anthropology, Binghamton University
Binghamton, New York  13850,  (607) 777-2100
Green Line
We live in a material world that entails ceaseless and varied
interactions between people, things and landscapes. People may
take that world for granted; yet it shapes our behavior, thought
and being even as our desires and actions transform it.  I am an
anthropologist who uses the craft of archaeology to explore the
impact of the material world on the most diverse realms of
human life.  My research seeks to understand how objects and
landscapes have joined with human actions, emotions and
relations to make and remake society and culture from ancient
times to the present.  This exploration has taken me to
prehispanic Trincheras Tradition ruins in the Sonoran Desert,
to the 1914 Ludlow Massacre on the plains of Colorado, to a 20th
century Yaqui battlefield in Sonora, México, and to the modern
border wall that separates Ambos Nogales.  I practice my craft in
a praxis that seeks to know the world, critique the world and
ultimately change the world.
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Updated 2/1/2019
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Portrait Randall McGuire on Navajo Nation