Vincent Grenier
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(Orig. XDCAM EX & DV) 9:05 min. color, stereo, 2007-2011
Compilation of
Armoire Prologue (2:40, 2007)
Coda (2:30, 2009)
& two new episodes (2011)

Much of what follows Prologue is inspired by it. "The aviary in the mirror, in-flight hide-and-seek, mischief on the wing." - Mark McElhatten, Rotterdam Film Festival

PLease see ARMOIRE/PROLOGUE & CODA for more photographs, reviews, screenings and info.

Festival Selection:
• 15th Views From The Avant Garde, New York Film Festival 2011, Elinor Bunin Munroe Amphitheatre, NYC. Daily showings, Oct 7 & Oct 10, 2011.
• 40th Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Montreal QC, Oct 12th to 23rd 2011.

Distributed by VG & CFMDC
Available on DVD, and Blu-ray

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