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video, 1999, 8.30 minutes

with Betty Ostrov, Susan Weisser and Brendan Murphy. Shot in Mini DV & Hi 8 and edited on a digital desktop workstation.

This film is a collage of distant worlds, lost and not yet learned; memories and functions as playful instincts. An Alzheimer-afflicted woman’s distant reactions are intercut with the mischievious antics of a four-year-old looking into, scratching and feeding the screen.

Award: Second prize, 1999 Black Maria Film & Video Festival. Screened:Athens International Film & Video Festival & 20th Utah Short Film & Video Festival. ; The Substation Guiness Theater, “Contingencies”, Singapore, June 2003.

Distributed by FMC & CFMDC


Brendan’s Cracker Transcript:

Woman: How about this one: A, B, C, D, E, F. What comes next? Come on. G, H, I , J, K, L, M, N, O, P… That’s right, good.

Kid: Ah…

Woman: Do you want more? Can you feed me. Do you want it?

Mom: That’s it. As far as you go. That’s it right there.

Kid: No!

Woman: What am I going to do with you, Darling? Oh, I know what song you like. This was her favourite song while she was herself.

We kissed while we danced,
there were stars in the sky,
but they’re not as bright as the stars in your eyes.
Darling let us lie in your arms.
Angels were sighing unto your charms.
Dearest, you know you’re the one in my arms.
My darling, I love you so.

You see how sweet and affectionate she is. Fixing my hair.

Partly because she can’t talk, but to tell you th etruth I’m not even sure we know what we make of things even when we can talk to each other.


Woman: Someone said to me after visiting her, “What is the point of her existence? There’s no point in her existence and, ah, it would be better if she didn’t exist.”

Do you know your baby girl, yes? Want to Sing? Want to Sing a song? Okay, let’s sing a song? What shall we sing? How about “It’s a long way to Tippery”? It’s a long way to go.

Kid: No, I’m eating it!

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