Vincent Grenier
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Commute Subway










HD Cinema (4:3) 6:10 min. color, stereo, 2018

Distinct fields on the same screen, foreground each other, invite comparisons, between different times and spaces, and the constructed and natural processes that inescapably defines us thru textures and emotional spaces. Commute does refer to regular travels between one place and an other, but also to substitutions, and exchanges.


Festival Selections:
• 47th Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Les Nouveaux Alchimists 3, Cinématheque Québecoise, Thurs. Oct 4, and Sat Oct 13, 13:00, Montreal, Canada.
Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image 2018, Oct 20, 8:00 pm. Day and Night, From One Place to Another. Spool Mfg., Johnson City, NY
• Houston Cinema Arts Festival - 2018, COMPRESSED AIR: Recent Experimental Films and Videos. Sunday, Nov 11, 1 PM, Rice Media Center, Houston, Texas





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