Vincent Grenier
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Honey Moon Lane

16mm, 1972, 27 minutes, b&w, sound.
tars Ann Knutson and Norman Stiegelmeyer.

Inspired by dreams and nightmares, Honey Moon Lane unfolds with a series of absurdist entanglements in the heterosexual love life of a man and his loved one. For better or for worst, this film is as engaged in the unraveling of amorous film clichés and fantasies than it is in the spirited creation of a somewhat schizophrenic and hysterical emotional space.

Premiered Feb 15, 1973 Canyon Cinema SFAI, 800 Chestnut St., San Francisco
Prize winner, ($100.) at the 1973 Bellevue Film Festival, Oregon also screened at the 1973 Ann Arbor Film Festival, Michigan, the 1973 Foothill Film Festival, Calif, the Festival du Nouveau Cinema en 16 mm, Montréal, Canada.

Distributed by VG
Available as 16mm, QTHD

A 45 minutes version with added contribution of Lee Meyer toured California in one of the Midnight Movies programs curated by Mike Getz. These programs were screened at commercial movie theaters in many cities across California in the early seventies.




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