Vincent Grenier
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(2001)   Video (Orig Mini DV) 5:00 min. mono 

Material Incidents brings a layered look at the secrets of light's rituals and it’s loose associations with matter, temperature and the senses. Our eyes, our brain’s primary sensors, ultimate arbiters of our sense of reality, well being and even of security, are closely implicated in this shadowy drama where notions of solidity, joust with fluidity and the ephemeral.

Screenings: Rotterdam International Film Festival, House of Instant Program curated by Mark McElhatten, Jan 2002; San Francisco Cinematheque, March 28 2002; New York Video Festival at the Lincoln Center, July 19 & 24, 2002; Onion City Film and Video Festival, summer 2002; Virginia Film & Video festival, Nov 2002; Hong Kong Film Archives, “Third text: images + media”, May 2003; The Substation Guiness Theater, “Contingencies”, Singapore, June 2003.

Distributed by CFMDC & FMC

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