Vincent Grenier
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OutIn The Garden





16mm, 1991, 15 minutes, color, optical sound.

A film about the dynamic of assumptions as seen through the struggle of a gay man who has recently been told that he is HIV positive and who, in his own way, tries to come to terms with the news. The film eschews the usual talking head and focuses on the peculiar occasion for examining anew as brought on by disconnectedness. In the process,questions of identity, one's sense of reality, the day to day and social tyrannies end up implicating the viewer intimately as well. -VG.  

Awards & screenings:
Michael Moore Award for Best Documentary, Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1992,
Best Experimental Documentary, 1992, 16th Atlanta Film/ & Video Festival.
Black Maria Film & Video Festival, 1992, cash award.
• 23rd Sinking Creek Film Celebration, 1992, cash award.

• 11th Chicago Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, 1992
• Orlando Film Festival
• Independent Focus, WNET
• London Film Festival 1992, "Art and Experiment"
• 15th Denver International Film Festival,1992
• 6th New York Lesbian and Gay Experimental Film Festival
• Munich Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Enoy Arena, Fall 1992.

Purchased by: The collections of the Canadian Art Bank and Sinking Creek Film Celebration.

Out in the Garden: Set in and around the house and garden of a middle-aged upstate New York academic, Grenier’s intimate experimental documentary portrait explores, in an innovative form, the thoughts and feelings of one man dealing with AIDS. (CFMDC)

Distributed by Light Cone, CFMDC, & FMC.
Available in 16mm, HDQT, DCP, DVD


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