Vincent Grenier
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HD Cinema, 10:00 min. color, sound, 2016

Video shot in and around Ithaca, NY and Québec City, Canada.
A collage more than a diary using images as artifacts that reflect processes. Sounds often come from other rooms, altered by their distance and the spaces that they have come through, just as the images themselves reflect the history of their own alterations.  It is also a humorous exploration of the ideas of vignetting as it frames, highlights, distances and alters space.

Festival Selections:

• 45th Festival du Nouveau Cinema, FNC Prgrm Lab ), Montreal, Canada.
• Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image 2016, Spool Mfg., Johnson City, NY




Distributed by VG, CFMDC, and Light Cone.
Available in QT, DVD, and Blu-ray