Vincent Grenier
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Straight Lines

4:40 min. HD original: XDCAM-EX, 16:9, B&W, silent, 2009
Currently available in HDCAM, Digi Beta, Blu-Ray DVD* and DVD.

A black and white collage in motion.

Festival Selection:
• Views from the Avant Garde, 47th New York Film Festival, Oct 3rd
2009, Lincoln Center, New York City
• 48th Ann Arbor Film Festival, March 23, 2010. Ann Arbor, Michigan

Distributed by VG & CFMDC

"Where Hamlyn's film is spare in its simplicity, Vincent Grenier's new HD video, Straight Lines , is rich in its (as contradictory as that sounds). It is nothing more than the wavering shadow cast by window blinds on a desk or table top, but Grenier has a keen sensitivity to light and colour and texture and to finding tiny, magical details in the world around us. Here, at least at first, we're uncertain what we are looking at: the titular straight lines with a quivering black mass in the centre. It's an abstraction, but one culled from daily life. As in many of his films and videos, Grenier allows the real world to have its play, revealing itself in delicacies of light and shadow, colour and form. It's an instructional manual showing us how to find the same kind of miraculous little moments in our own lives." From   "Time Will Tell: The 13 th Annual Views From the Avant-Garde and the Walking Picture Palace." by Patrick Friel. Senses of Cinema.


* Blu-Ray DVD, (AVC-HD DVD-R) will play on Blu-Ray players such as PS3 and many others.



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