Vincent Grenier
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Video (Orig Mini DV) 10:30 min. stereo, 2006

“This, and This”, is digital immediacy splendor where images of nature cannot be merely innocent. Ideas about the natural and the mechanical are being toyed with, in varying degrees of wetness, scale, compressed states and expectations.

Curated screenings:
• New York Film Festival, Views From the Avant-Garde Oct 2006
• 36th Intrernational Film Festival Rotterdam, Jan 2007
• 26th Black Maria Film Festival & Tour, Spring 2007, Director's Choice
• Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, "Rescuing Artifacts with Vincent Grenier" Ithaca, March 2007
• Onion City Experimental Film Festival, Chicago, June 2007
• 2nd International Film Festival on Water, "Voices from the Waters 2007" Bangalore, India, June 2007

…” Vincent Grenier, ... is an artist whose shift to digital filmmaking has consistently been characterized by a rigorous investigation of the specific aesthetics and formal parameters of his adopted medium. This, and This is no exception. Thematically, Grenier's piece is a conversation with nature in both its raw and culturally mediated forms - for example, the rushing waters from Ithaca Falls juxtaposed with the spray of a rain puddle traversed by a steel belted radial. The piece is in many ways a meditation on the power of the straight cut, as opposed to the fades and image-alternations so common in recent video work. As the video progresses, Grenier implies that non-mediation doesn't exist. But on an even more basic level, This, and This pits vertical against horizontal movement, as well as pushing digital video to the limits of its comfort zones, as swirling forms begin to pixilate or produce visual feedback. Grenier's medium is indeed the lion's share of his message.” … New York Dispatch.11 Michael Scinski on the new works shown at the 10th annual Views from the Avant Garde, a presentation of the New York Film Festival.

"Filmmaker Vincent Grenier directed this short subject in which a pastoral scene is full of both beauty and menace. This, and This was shot near the shore of a lake in the midst of a wooded area. As we watch the lapping of the water against the shore and the unspoiled surroundings, the scene gradually develops an undertow that's troubling despite the peaceful scenery. This, and This was screened in competition at the 2007 Rotterdam International Film Festival." ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide -- Fandango Blog

Distributed by CFMDC, FMC

Available on DVD, VHS and Betacam SP




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