Vincent Grenier
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Video HD (Orig. MPEG4, 16:9), 8:00 min. color, stereo, 2010.

This video was taken using small digital still camera on multiple bus trips between New York City and Upstate NY. The bus' many large windows, afforded dramatic reflections to this perched passenger feeling as if floating through the landscape. Lulled by the noises of the tires on the road, the incessant tremors, muffled conversations and trying to keep digital camera steady while being thrown from side to side, visual wedges kept uncannily intersecting and gesturing.


Festival Selection:
• 14th Views from the Avant Garde, 48th New York Film Festival, Oct 3
2010, Lincoln Center, New York City

Distributed by VG & CFMDC
Available on DVD, and Blu-ray

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