Vincent Grenier
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Waiting Room
(Orig AVCHD, 16:9) 8:43 min. color, stereo, 2012.

The pulsating rhythms of fluorescent lighting not quite in synch with those of the video image, create a singular array of drifting yellows. Camera handler and son waiting for a pediatric doctor's appointment, while playful taunts mingle with the curious decor, the focused patients, slow blurs and daily life unfurl. Chance encounters, accidental time, in spite of everything, small miracles of cinema and being.

Many of my pieces perhaps more particularly have been hovering between home movie and phenomena, transformative space and the ordinary humdrum of the every day, also the intersection of culture and technology (both camera/video/digitality and everyday utilitarian technology). I might add the intersection between the public and my own private space, looking out for new untried ways to engage with these discussions. So to my mind this is another find, another insight into what has fascinated me.

Festival Selections:
Wavelengths, Toronto International Film Festival, I am Micro Program, AGO, Toronto, Canada, Sep 9tht, 2012
Views from The Avant Garde, New York Film Festival, Oct 4th to 8th, 2012, Lincoln Center
• Festival International du Nouveau Cinema, Montreal Canada, Oct 10th to 21th 2012
• Finger Lake Environmental Film Festival, Cinemapolis, Upstate Filmmakers Showcase, Ithaca NY , April 7 2013 (In attendance for Q&A)
• Off and Free Film Festival, Interspace Dialogue Pgrm, Seoul Museum of Art, Korea, May 7-26 2013.

• 2013 Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image, SPOOL mfg, Oct 18, 2013 Johnson City, NY

TIFF program notes:
Vincent Grenier's Waiting Room transforms a shark-adorned pediatric ward into pulsating, hot, disembodied yellow rhythms, the disjunction between the fluorescents and the video image resulting in small-scale transcendence.


Distributed by VG & CFMDC
Available on HDCAM, QT, Betacam, DVD, and Blu-ray


..." – but he is not so much recording daily life as he is alerting us, and himself, to it. Waiting Room, his latest video, is shot at his son’s pediatrician’s office. (Note the cartoon shark on the wall.) While observing the paint and the movements and the queue at the desk, Grenier also uses his tool, the DV camera, to examine the sweeping disphasure of fluorescent lighting. It’s an amber color field, and it drones on alongside normal business. We can’t see it, but it organizes every other relationship in the room. It was right there. Someone just needed to look." -- TIFF 2012. Wavelengths Preview: Part One - The Shorts by Michael Sicinski 9-7-2012,

"Vincent Grenier’s video Waiting Room sustains these glimpses of family and institution. Here, the artist accompanies a young relative on a trip to the doctor’s office. In this space of pain and illness, Grenier uses his camera to document/diagnose hertz instead of hurts, capturing the gorgeous emissions of a fluorescent lamp on the verge of petering out. The resulting band-moiré patterns wash over the banality of the waiting room in incandescent yellow and green tones, drawing our focus toward the beautiful demise of this artificial light source. Sadly, expiration—both mechanical and organic—cannot be stopped by the camera, only recorded." TIFF Day 8: Wavelengths 3: I am micro - by Samuel La France, cinema-scope

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