Vincent Grenier
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16mm, 1976, 8 minutes, 18fps
Remastered by BB Optics for purchase by Donell Library, NYC 2003

An elusive film that plays in a series of movements, on the fascination that can be had from watching the turbulent magnified grain. A slippery background flows, rises and sinks honing the focusing abilities of shadows, and unexpectedly producing an other magnified grain... –VG

Made with a grant from the Canada Council.

While Revolved: Pools of light and shadow displace each other as the camera describes an arc or spiral on a section of wall or ceiling. Periodically the motion stops, replaced by selective focus on a grainy object, creating a sense of wave motion in and out of the screen. This film is concerned with the projected, not just light or the emulsion or the illusion or the projector or the camera, but all of them. The surface of the film, the grain, is remembered when a similar but illusionistic surface appears (just as magnified), crossing the frame. Other times the grain is left to itself. There are the idiosyncratic focusing qualities of shadows acting as diaphragms inside the image. The elusive background confounds itself with the foreground. The notions of appearances and disappearances transform themselves in notions of time.

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Distributed by CFMDC, Light Cone, & FMC.
Available on DVD, QTHD, DCP & 16mm.
High quality digital scan to HD performed by Anthology Film Archives, NY, 2015.


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