Vincent Grenier
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Window Wind Chimes: Part 1

16mm, 1974, 27 minutes (Available in excerpt form with chapter one and two)
With the assistance of Ann Knutson.

"...but the best film, WINDOW WIND CHIMES, by Vincent Grenier, (a Canadian filmmaker who had been living in San Francisco and now makes his home in New York),explores in semi-documentary manner the interrelationship between Vincent Grenier and his wife Ann Knutson in the environment of their San Francisco apartment. Conversations between them consist of fragments of arguments, apologies, affections and distillations of the personal rituals that take place between man and wife.

“The film begins outside the apartment in a laundromat with a tour-de-force performance by George Kuchar rattling off at the mouth about wind chimes, Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller; a character obsesssed by something or other trying to make contact with the surrounding world and never succeeding. The scene changes to the apartment where Ann and Vincent play taunting games wih each other, teetering on the edge of cruelty, games of power-playing and unresolved husband/wife tensions. In most instances he is the instigator, and she remains on the defensive.

“In one scene, and ironic game is played on the viewer while the conversations continue off screen. What appears to be a vast expanse of snow, in close up is revealed to be only a white pie topping. The camera does not so much follow the action of what is taking place, but rather concentrates on the environment of furniture, walls, windows, floor tiles, etc. ‘Window Wind Chimes’ combines the best elements of straight documentary with a very personal and poetic vision.” - Bob Cowan, Take One, Feb. 1976

"...Grenier made what was perhaps the most innovative film produced in the Bay Areas, WINDOW WIND CHIMES. This film sent the personal narrative quietly into other dimensions, sort of a restaged "home movie" in which indications of his more recent work surfaced." -- Mike Reynolds, Berkeley Barb

Distributed by CFMDC, & VG
Available as16 mm film, & QTHD, DCP excerpt.


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