Vincent Grenier
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2000 Video (Orig Hi 8 mm, edited on Mini DV format) 4:30 min

This video was originally shot in Hi 8 on a winter day in 1992, the last day Ithacans could have their dry garbage and cast-offs hauled away for free by the city of Ithaca. Huge piles of debris and broken household items had accumulated on curbsides throughout the city, awaiting disposal. Then it snowed. These piles, the broken kinks of the comfort machine of consumerism, offer voyeuristic opportunities for incongruous art happenings. The camera collaborates with an old Toyota car, which doubles as a dolly, to photograph these found art installations offered in front yards. These random, quotidian piles transform with monster-like auras and new-found permanence. The Toyota also supplies the musique concrete soundtrack.

Distributed by FMC & CFMDC

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