Vincent Grenier
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Video & Multi media Installation: A four screen installation & multi media with stereo sound based on video “Color Study” made in collaboration with Mary Zebell.

This piece was designed to occupy, in it’s entirety, a large room adjacent to the Lobby of the Park School at Ithaca College. It ran continuously for the duration of the opening. Oct 22, 2004

Commissioned along with second multiple screen video installation: "Winter Collection Exhibit" by Ithaca College Provost Office for the Opening of the 8th Finger Lakes Environment Film Festival on Oct 22, 2004

The installation deploys four looping versions of Grenier’s 4.5 minute digital video Color Study.  Each monitor is delayed by five second intervals in a continuous performance.  In Color Study, changes in dramatic abstract visual spaces are threaded into photographic source material, suggesting comparisons. In the installation, the time shifts between each screen reverberate with the manufactured time manipulations in the original single channel version of Color Study, underscoring the interfaces between analog and digital, space and time, single screen and multiple platforms. Color/Time/Shift is a humorous, digitally induced meditation on colors, motion and space from a few frames of  fall panorama from a roadside in upstate New York. – Vincent Grenier

“In Color Study, a cat’s eye-like clairvoyancy of splattered color, the precise mimicry of natural color combined with unnatural color fields, creates and breaks illusion.  ColorStudy  manufactures a kind of implied time lapse where it does not technically exist. A spatial jigsaw, combining the autumnal and the verdant. The invented light and color of the digital process creating an acid wash.”   -- Mark McElhatten 

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