Vincent Grenier
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A two monitor installation & multi media with sound. Exhibited in storefront window of CHANGES, an Ithaca hair salon. Made in collaboration with Mary Zebell. July 1 – 31, 1992 Two 8 min. loops.

Installation used different sections of Display, (1992) 16 min. Hi 8, an earlier version of Winter Collection  (2002) 4:30 min. The two VHS video sections, about 8 min.each, were synchronized with each other and looped. Two monitors were mounted on top of the back of two chairs.  One of the chairs was a baby high chair and held a small monitor while the other, a Victorian chair, held a 20” monitor. The chairs were painted black and collaged with fragments of newspaper headlines and ads by artist Mary Zebell.  Sound was made available to passerby from a concealed opening above the storefront. (Photo is not of actual storefront exhibition but was taken afterwards at the home of artists.)

See description of Winter Collection.

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