Vincent Grenier
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Mark McElhatten, Screening notes on Here for Turino Film & Video Festival "To the Lighthouse" Program, November 2003

.."Here plays as some form of synthetic/organic haiku or renga (Japanese linked poetry) linking semblance to semblance working with the primal power and suggestiveness of transient colors.. A shift in hue argues for motion or cessation –stop and go. Migrant juices of color change aspect –blood, fire, rain, red leaves living and dead.Green plastic soldiers float lifelessly in autumnal pools of septic yellow. Simple magic. Simple prophesy. Child’s play augurs global events and as in Rimbaud’s Le Bateau Ivre a patch of backyard here becomes a primeval forest of decaying moss a beachhead and the abandoned frontline, a field of fire as a tableaux mort.-" Mark McElhatten, Turino Film Festival Screening Notes.


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