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Habitats of Documentary - Landscapes, Color Fields and Ecologies in the Avant-Docs of Vincent Grenier by Patricia Zimmermann and Claudia Pedersen. Book Chapter from "Philosophy of Documrentary Film" edited by David LaRocca. Lexington Books / Rowmann & Littlefield, www.rowman.com Launched December 2016.  
20th Media City Film Festival, 2014, by Emilie Vergé. LUMIERE, Online Journal of Cinema Critique. Spain. (EN FRANCAIS) extrait: Le Programme Canadien. On Watercolor"  
20th Media City Film Festival, 2014, by Emilie Vergé. LUMIERE, Online Journal of Cinema Critique. Spain. ( ENGLISH TRANSLATION) excerpt fromThe Canadian Program. On "Watercolor"  
An interview with Vincent Grenier in advance of his November 30 screening at Counterpath, Denver, Colorado.  
Naturally Unnaturally, Review and Interview in Westword by Kyle Harris, Denver, Colorado  
"It's the Small Things" by Tony Pipolo on Cinemas as a Found Object, Films and Videos by Vincent Grenier program at Anthology Film Archives, ARTFORUM, 11.7.14  
Here, and There: An Interview with Vincent Grenier for an Exhibition in China. -- Katy Martin. Millenium Film Journal No. 53, Fall / Winter 2011.
This, That, and the Other, The digital videos of Vincent Grenier by Michael Sicinski   posted Oct 22, 2010. The Museum of the Moving Image, MOVING IMAGE SOURCE.
TIFF 2010. WAVELENGTHS PREVIEW by Michael Sicinski , MUBI , September 10, 2010
TIFF 2010. DAY 3 by Daniel Kasman ,   MUBI , September 10, 2010
Michael Sicinski, Post-Dated Selections from the 2008 New York Film Festival
, The Academic Hack.net  
REVERSE SHOT, "Shadows and Outlaws " The 12th edition of the New York Film Festival's Views from the Avant-Garde by Genevieve Yue. Oct 2008
Michael Sicinski, Green Cine Daily, NYFF 07' Views 3. Following up on his first and second pieces on the Views from the Avant-Garde sidebar of the New York Film Festival , Michael Sicinski focuses on five "modern masters at mid-career." Oct 25 2007
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