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Festival Selections & Curated Screenings:


  • TIFF Wavelengths 1, Fata Morgana, Dept 10, 2022, Toronto, On. Canada

    While Revolved, 1976-2022, restored with sound by Etienne Grenier
  • Transient Visions, Festival of the Moving Image 2022, 10-22-22, Johnson City, NY

  • Streamed program ten year anniversary Transient Visions. One week, Oct 2022


  • Images Festival partner with CFMDC to host a live performance by Oliver Husain and Victoria Cheong live on May 8, 7 pm. Foyer Forest Feelings program includes films by Vincent Grenier (Catch), Sarah Pucill, Midi Onodera, Ellie Epp, Chris Chong Chan Fui, David Rimmer, Mary J Daniel, and Tom Chomont.

  • Video streamed on Labocine (, a science-focused video platform, for the month of September. They publish monthly issues for paid subscribers with different themes, and the theme for September is Are you Listening?

  • Commute, Travelogue, Winter Collection, Watercolor and Armoire
    These videos by Vincent Grenier will be exhibited between December 15-19 2020, at the Galleria Cortabitarte, in Soria, as part of the XXII Certamen Internacional de Corto de Soria, SOIF, a film festival. The gallery series, El Videoarte en Nueva York, will include a series of video shows by 8 individual artists.

  • MoMA, Sat Oct 30th, 4 pm with a repeat screening on Nov 10 as part of  To The Lighthouse series of programs curated by Mark McElhatten (Carte Blanche)


    WinFocus spread

  • MFJ 74, Fact/Artifact, Fall 2021. Millenium Film Journal, Artist Pages: World in Focus by Vincent Grenier.

  • Moments of Perception, Experimental Film in Canada, Goose Lane Editions, 2021, 358 pages. Edited by Jim Shedden and Barbara Sternberg. Includes writing by Michael Zryd and Stephen Broomer. Part 2 by Stephen Broomer,  p. 212-217 on Vincent Grenier.



    Solo Shows:

  • Recipient of the 2019 Stan Brakhage Vision Award.
  • 42nd Denver Film Festival November 3, 2019. Retrospective and Award
  • First Person Cinema, Department of Cinema Studies and Moving Images Arts, University of Colorado, Boulder, Nov 2019. Retrospective cont'd. Meetings with graduates.


  • 47th Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Les Nouveaux Alchimists 3, Cinématheque Québecoise, Thurs. Oct 4, and Sat Oct 13, 13:00, Montreal, Canada
  • Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image 2018, Oct 20, 8:00 pm. Day and Night, From One Place to Another. Spool Mfg., Johnson City, NY
  • Houston Cinema Arts Festival - 2018, COMPRESSED AIR: Recent Experimental Films and Videos. Sunday, Nov 11, Rice Media Center, Houston, Texas


  • Uplink Theater, Program: In Between, Curated by Tomonari Nishikawa, Tokyo, Japan July 14, 2018

    Interieur Interiors, World in Focus, & Tabula Rasa
  • Close Up Film Centre, London, UK. Larry Gottheim & Friends. Series organized by Chris Dymond. March 19, 2019

  • Solo Shows:

  • Programs of early 16 mm films (newly scanned to HD/2K), Wed. September 19th 2018. Curated by Felix Garcia. Filmoteca de Cantabria, Santander, Cantabria, Spain.
    Cineinfinito #63 Vincent Grenier (I) Catch 4:15 | Light Shaft 6:20 | Toile 8:46 | While Revolved 9 | X 8 | World in Focus 16m. 
    Cineinfinito #64 Vincent Grenier (II) Interieur Interiors 15 | Mend 6 | Closer Outside 9:30 | Tremors 13:20 | Time’s Wake 12 | Surface Tension #2  4m.
  • Binghamton University, Visiting Film Video Artists Series, Vincent Grenier, Lecture Hall Building, LH6, Tuesday April 2, 2019, 7:30 PM, Binghamton, NY. Watercolor | Shade | You | Closer Outside | Color Study | Tremors | Commute | Tabula Rasa.
  • Cornell Cinema, Material Incidents, The Cinema of Vincent Grenier, Thurs April 11, 2018, 7:00, Ithaca NY, Interieur Interiors | Watercolor | You | Intersection | Commute | Back View.

  • Publications:
  • Agiografia #4 Vincent Grenier (Full list of Hagiographies) published by L’EMERGERE DEL POSSIBILE, written and edited by Francesca Russalen & Francesco Cazzin. Edition is in Italian. Consist of 11 blogs with texts and numerous photos. September and October 2018. Two (Fotogrammas) are texts written by Grenier.
  • Catch
    [Fotogramma] Una consapevolezza umoristica e poetica del presente
    Les chaises
    Armoire (4 parts)
    Closer Outside
    [Piega] Eteronomia monocroma. In luogo di Tremors, Surface Tension #2, Color Study
    [Fotogramma] Il colore come puro fenomeno
    World in Focus
    This is in addition to 4 blogs published by L’EMERGERE DEL POSSIBILE in the Spring 2016 (See 2015-2016) on Time’s Wake, Watercolor, Burning Bush, Interieur Interiors, Back View and Intersection


  • berlin atonal 2017, Music Festival included two film & video programs curated by Harry Glass. August 18th 2017, Stage Null, Köpenicker Strasse 70, Berlin Germany.

    Burning Bush

  • Dialogues: Figure/Ground, October 26, 2017, Program curated by Robert Todd at la lumiere collective, a project of Visions, Montreal.

    Les Chaises
  • SF MOMA in the Gina and Stuart Peterson White Box . Crossroads 2018 film & Video Film Festival. A World of Images: An Unexpected Response to René Magritte: The Fifth Season program curated by Steve Polta. Thursday, June 7, 2018


  • Structural Film program, Ultra-seeing Film Series, coordinated by ATEC at UT Dallas and Light Cone, Sunday Nov. 13, 2016. Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas, TX 75201
  • NOFEST 2017, Curated by Francesco Cazzin, UNZA LAB, Milan, Italy, Screened on the first program of three: the 6th, 7th and 8th April 2017.
    NOFEST 2017 Announcement in English: The Image is Missing

  • Light Shaft

  • Notes on Origin program of Canadian Films, curated by Ekrem Serdar, screened at FOL Sinema, Istanbul, Turkey July 26, 2016. Program included films by Sarah Abbott, Louise Bourque, Stephen Broomer, Ralitsa Doncheva, Ellie Epp, Vincent Grenier, Philip Hoffman, Barbara Sternberg, Malena Szlam, and Joyce Wieland.

  • Le Sémaphore et la Table de quartier Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Samedi 1er Octobre au square Dézéry. Montréal. Intersection is included in the program Le Cinétempo, ou l'art sous abri

  • Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Cinématheque Québecoise - Salle Fernand Séguin, Les Nouveaux Alchimistes 3, Screened Sat Oct 3, 3:30 & Thurs. Oct 13, 7:00, Montréal, Canada.
  • Transient Visions, Festival of the Moving Image 2016, Interrelations Pgrm., Spool Mfg. Johnson City, NYS Sat. Oct 15 2016, 6pm.

    Tabula Rasa

  • Person, Place, Thing, Collection of experimental portraits, Alternative Cinema, Golden Auditorium, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY, March 7, 2017, Program included works by Brigid McCaffey, Leighton Pierce, Laure Provost and Lisa Steele.
  • Light Movement Athens: The Outskirts of a Dreamed map.
    Friday 26 May 00.15 - 01.15, Open Air Cinema VOX, Themistokleous 82, Exarcheia, Athens, Greece
    A selection of short films by James Edmonds ??? Petra Graf : Joseph Bernard, James Edmonds, Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky, Vincent Grenier, Daniel Kupferberg, Margaret Rorison, Lara Schroder.
  • Light Movement Amsterdam: Architectural Collage
    2nd June, 2017, Hotel Maria Kapel (HMK), Hoorn, The Netherlands
    curated with Alanna Lawely and James Edmonds.

    Solo Shows:

    Vincent Grenier | Inderterminate Space
    . Two screenings at the Cinématheque Québecoise, Wednesday May 3 and Thursday May 4th at 9 pm. Event is organized by VISIONS in collaboration with the Cinématheque Québecoise and Lumiere. : “Entre Montréal & New York - 16mm films” (Tuesday) "Avant Docs” (Wednesday)

    Book chapter from Philosophy of Documentary Films. (628 pages)
    Habitats of Documentary - Landscapes, Color Fields and Ecologies in the Avant-Docs of Vincent Grenier by Patricia Zimmermann and Claudia Pedersen. Philosophy of Documentary Films, edited by David LaRocca, Lexington Books / Rowmann & Littlefield, Launched December 2016. The book includes texts by Cavell, Carroll, Currie, Plantinga, Perkins, Sobchack, Gunning, Altman, Ruoff, Rothman, Fried, Herzog, Nichols, Mieke Bal, Scott MacDonald, and Linda Williams, among others.

  • The essay (25 pages) examines the following works by Vincent Grenier: Color Study, Watercolor, Armoire and Les Chaises, to explore how these works stage a political and philosophical intervention into the history of documentary: through their careful considerations of movement and framing, they reject the figuring of landscape as timeless, unchanging, excess.

    Chapter concludes with:

    These avant-docs of Vincent Grenier probe the relationships between nature and the built environment. They mobilize a series of philosophical paradoxes that fold and unfold into each other: cinema and painting, surface and depth, light and dark, the screen and the frame, the material and the immaterial, the represented and the simulation, nature and technology, horizontal and vertical planes, three-dimensional lived reality and two-dimensional screens, landscapes and technologies, large philosophical enquiries and small places, tableau shots and subject movement, analog and digital. These works also offer analytical dialogues that examines how cinema engages and layers art historical trajectories in landscape, color fields, and environmental art.

    Grenier’s videos introduce a critical practice toward landscape, a strategy of alienation to provoke reflection about our relationship with meditation and the natural world. These videos stage a distancing effect to call attention to cultural fascinations with simulations of nature. The Grenier videos discussed invoke the older traditions of art as imitating nature, a consistent visual trope across all the works discussed in this essay. They then launch elaborately choreographed rejections of this tradition, by making it clear that what one is looking at is a simulation - an image many times displaced - of “natural environments.” This move resonates with postmodernist art focused on exposing process. These works ask what happens when documentary moves beyond the subject and the documentary triangle into the avant-doc octagon, composed of vectors of light, place, movement, framing, landscape, technology, and simulation.



    World in Focus:
  • Letters and Notes, lost in a room. Introduced by David K Ross, TIFF Cinematheque, BellLightBox, Toronto, ON. Aug 15, 2015

    Tabula Rasa:
  • Being Fucked Up: Performance, Politics, and Humor in the Work of Canadian Filmmakers. Squeaky Wheel in Buffalo, NY, Nov 14th, 2015 Curated by Tess Takahashi.
  • Included in one of five programs selected to honor the 35th Anniversary of the Black Maria Film Festival, Fiercely Independent Short Films of the 21st Century, at Anthology Film Archives, in New York City. In program 2, Friday April 29th at 8 PM

  • Image Forum, Landscape and a Floating Mind, 7:00 pm, March 25, 2016, Tokyo, Japan

    Color Study:
  • Light Movement 13: Colour Spaces, Spektrum Art, 8:00pm Sunday April 10, 2016, Bürknerstr 12, Berlin Germany, Organized by James Edmunds

  • 53rd New York Film Festival, Projections Program 2,
  • Fri. Oct 2, 4:15 pm & Sat Oct 3, 2:00 pm at the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center, NYC. Program includes films and video by Charlotte Pryce, Janie Geiser, Alexandre Larose, Emmanuel Lefrant, Jodie Mack, Laura Kraning and Heather Trawick.
  • 44th Festival du Nouveau Cinema, FNC Prgrm Lab 2,
  • Sat. Oct 10, 15:00 Salle J.A. De Seve, (Concordia University) and Fri. Oct 16, 13:00, Pavillon Judith Jasmin Annexe (Salle J.C. Lauzon), Montreal, Canada.
  • Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image 2015,
  • Oct 17, 8:00 pm Spool Mfg., Johnson City, NY
  • Les Rendez Vous du Cinéma Québecois 2016, Programme Art Vidéo, Sat Feb. 20th, 2:30 pm Cinématheque Québecoise, Salle Claude Jutra, Montréal, Québec
  • 2016 Athens International Film and Video Festival, New Horizon, Athens, Ohio. April 4. 3:00 pm
  • Experiments in Cinema, Experiment 2, Guild Cinema, Albuquerque, NM. 5:30 pm, April 5, 2016
  • Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Union Cinema, Program 1, April 29th 2016.

  • The Video of Vincent Grenier, University Wisconsin/Madison, The Marquee Theater, 7:00pm December 3, Union South, 1308 W Dayton St, Madison, WI 53715, Organized by WUD, Starlight Experimental Film Series, with Intersection, Watercolor, This and This, Here, Travelogue, & Back View.
  • Arsenal, INSTITUT FÜR FILM UND VIDEOKUNST, Vincent Grenier , two 50 minutes programs of films and videos, one presented by UTE Aurand, the other by James Edmond as part of his Light Movement series. During break, wine will be served. Friday March 25th 2016 - 19h30, Potsdamer Straße 2, 10785 Berlin, Germany
  • Scratch Projection / LightCone, CINEMA COMME OBJET TROUVE, LE CINEMA DE VINCENT GRENIER (with filmmaker), Tuesday March 29, 2016 - 20h30, Studio des Ursulines, 10 rue des Ursulines 75005 Paris France
  • Charles S. Cohen Screening Room at the Film-Makers’s Cooperative, (in)derminate space, films and videos by Vincent Grenier, Friday April 8, 7:30 pm, 475 Park Ave. South, 6th Floor (corner of 32nd Street) New York, NY

    On Vincent Grenier’s video INTERSECTION.
    Cars were just part of the traffic in the hillside,
    A brook of the buzz there.
    Caught like decals on the meadow
    But not sticking anywhere, the only pollen
    On them photonic, budding in eyes,
    Coursing through chiasma to be switched out
    Across the banks of sight (feathery with morning,
    Stark speckled at dusk). Do they intrude? Their
    Speed makes them spectral, only part of slope memory,
    Until the rigs turn through–­­–all chrome & red today––
    Long mirrors of the lanes, converting to rust
    This field they pass, till sleep's dark rise
    Lifts them to longer
    Trees on the ridge,
    Nests in acacia, clouds of pine.

    -- Walter K. Lew

    ARTFORUM online:
    New York Film Festival: Projections by Tony Pipolo.  9.30.2015.

    As always, there are familiar names as well as new ones; and as to be expected, the works vary not only in focus and style but in merit as well. Against those digital pieces enamored of postmodern pretensions, there are plenty of artists for whom the digital is not a route to facile thinking but an opportunity for exciting new ways to create.

    Among the latter is Lewis Klahr, whose unfailing instinct for generating action in the fleeting intervals between and superimpositions of still images is apparent in Mars Garden, an episode from his series exploring links between Greek myths and comic-book superheroes. Equally unmistakable is Vincent Grenier’s uncanny sense of camera placement and the enigmatic relation of foreground to background this produces—evident in this year’s Intersection—and Janie Geiser’s gift for cutting between private, encoded images to create dense montages that defy ready interpretation, as vibrant as ever in Cathode Garden. These elegantly conceived, shot, and constructed gems bear the indelible signs of irreplaceable moving-picture artists.

    MUBI Notebook
    NYFF 2015, Projections: Flipping Through Channels, Michael Sicinski, Oct 2, 2015,

    My top Ten Projections Films: These are the top ten films I saw originally at the NYFF Projections Festival:

    8. Intersection (Vincent Grenier, U.S. / Canada)
    “Grenier's work is consistently characterized by small-scale landscape study, usually taken as an opportunity for an examination of the pleasures and vicissitudes of color and light. Unlike so many other artists working in this formalist vein, Grenier almost always finds room in his work for wry, subtle humor, which makes him kind of a treasure, especially in the often grim, strait-laced world of the avant-garde. His latest, Intersection, has a built-in pun: it is in fact shot at an intersection, where a spur street meets a state highway in Ithaca, NY. Grenier trains his camera on a patch of wildflowers up on a hill overlooking the intersection. But this means that the cars and trucks moving in and out of the streets consistently penetrate the image field. Grenier uses complex digital editing to push and pull the vehicles into the image, smearing them or taking them apart. So the result is a baseline painterly image in the Impressionist vernacular, constantly interrupted, blended, and yes, intersected by hard enamel, color field, AbEx, and Pop coloration. Confounding? Well, yes. But mom always told you to stay out of the street.

    Projections Program 2. Reviewed by Connor Newton

  • Posted May 21, 2016 -
    Grenier’s Intersection works as a juxtaposition between the natural and the mechanical. Grenier places his camera at an intersection near Ithaca, NY, to capture the daily dance among nature, car, and road. Intersection jostles between shots of a flower-filled corner of a road and shots of cars zooming by, blurring the screen and eclipsing the foliage. Grenier replaces the colors of the flowers with that of the speeding cars, their paint streaking across the frame like an impressionistic brushstroke. Grenier perfectly selects his stills to capture the images of vehicles in their most distorted and stretched forms, frozen masses of kinetic energy. Additionally, while most films lacked a score, Grenier utilizes the sounds of cars passing, which, matched with the constant movement between his frames, grants an illusion of movement. Intersection presents our daily act of transportation as a disruption of one idea of beauty, of our ability to perceive our natural environment; but Grenier also generates a different aesthetic with the disrupting cars: Grenier’s palette consists of the colorful burst of the cars onto the screen.

    BLOG ENTRIES (In Italian) from:
    L ’Emergence Del Possible: (The Rise of the Possible) Ogni film ci mostra il cinema e ne è la morte.

    by Francesco Cazzin, 3 Giurno 2016. More on Time’s Wake, Interieur Interiors and Burning Bush, also on Back View, Intersection.
    Francesco Cazzin later explains: In this one, (Pieghe: #26) I finish the conversation that I started in the earlier post about Time's Wake (once removed): in fact, it seems to me that in Time's Wake and in Intérieurs interiors (To A.K.) you create an image as a place, a particular and specific place as well as reality, so it isn't thinkable - as I think you show (these understandings) progressing in an anti-kantian way, in a way that I think is closer with Husserl phenomenology - with the reality categories. In Time’s Wake, the image is temporally determined; in Intérieurs, it is spatially determined. As I told you, I really love your cinema because it really re-thinks the ontological dimension of cinema, so I hope I was able, in this article, to explain how - IMHO - this new cinematographic ontology emerges. Unfortunately, it was quite-complex writing this piece, and it requires a lot of time. My english is quite-bad, I can read it and speak it, but it is difficult for me to translate my articles. Hope you'll be able to catch the sense anyways.

    WATERCOLOR (Fall Creek) by Francesco Cazzin, 13 Maggio 2016 (in Italian)

    SIMULACRA #22: Time’s Wake (Once Removed) by Francesco Cazzin, 6 Maggio 2016

    FOTOGRAMMI #53: Burning Bush by Francesco Cazzin, 22 Maggio 2016



  • 20th Media City Film & Video Festival, Canadian Program, Windsor, ON, Canada July 11, 2014 (with Q&A)
  • Black Maria Tour contd':
    .........National Gallery of Art, West Building LH, Washington, DC, Pgrm 1, Sat July 19th 2014.
    .........Gallery installation: Watercolor & Burning Bush were screened continuously from Fri. Nov 7th to Sun. Nov 9th with two other works at the Smithy Center for the Arts, 55 Pioneer St, Cooperstown, NY.
  • Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, Théatre J.A. De Seve, Concordia University, FNC LAB-1 Impressions, Montréal, QC, Fri. Oct. 10, 3:00 pm and 17th, 7:00 pm, 2014 (with Q&A)
  • Pacific Film Archives, Berkeley Art Museum, Alternative Visions series, Wed. Nov 19th, 2014

    Waiting Room, Tabula Rasa, Surface Tension #2:
  • FNC Visions, Robert Todd + Vincent Grenier, Sunday Oct 19, 2014, 6PM. Micro-cinéma etre, Montréal, QC (with Q&A)

    Interieur Interiors & Les Chaises:
  • Spaces unveiled and spaces discovered: the revelations of form in two works from VINCENT GRENIER . May 4, 2015 Film Department, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.

  • FLEFF FILM: Upstate Filmmakers Showcase.  This year's focus is on Binghamton University faculty filmmakers. Includes de-icing, Sunday April 12, 2015, 2 pm at Cinemapolis.

    Solo Shows: (with Q&A )

  • Ohio State University, Art Department & Film Study Program, Vincent Grenier Visit, 220 Sullivant Hall, Columbus, Ohio, Wednesday, Oct 29th, 7 pm
  • Denison University, Department of Cinema Screening Room, Experimental Filmmaker Vincent Grenier, Granville, Ohio, Thursday Oct 30, 8 pm
  • Denison University, Dept of Cinema, Friday 1:30 pm
  • Anthology Film Archives, Show and Tell, Cinema as a Found Object, Films and Videos by Vincent Grenier, New York City, NY, Program 1, Sunday Nov 9th, 7:30pm and Program 2, Monday Nov 10th, 7:30 pm, 2014
  • Counterpath, Screening and Artist talk by Vincent Grenier, Denver, Colorado, Sun Nov 30, 7pm
  • University of Colorado at Boulder, First Person Cinema, Mon. Dec 1, 7PM, and graduate advising, Tues. Dec 2, 2014
  • Finger Lake Environmental Film Festival, (FLEFF) Opening Screening: Vincent Grenier Retrospective, Monday April 6, 2015 at 3pm Park Auditorium, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY

    It's the Small Things (Click on Archive tab and 11.2014) by Tony Pipolo on the Cinema as a Found Object, Films and Videos by Vincent Grenier program at Anthology Film Archives, ARTFORUM, 11.7.14

    An interview with Vincent Grenier in advance of his November 30 screening at Counterpath, Denver, Colorado.

    Naturally Unnaturally, Review and Interview in Westword by Kyle Harris, Denver, Colorado

    20th Media City Festival, 2014, Excerpt from Canadian Program (English Translation) by Emilie Vergé for LUMIERE, Online Journal of Cinema Critique, Spain. On "Watercolor" (voir original en Francais)

    Entrevue avec Vincent Grenier au sujet de Watercolor (Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, Montréal)
    En francais sur You Tube. 11.10.2014

    E-Mail: In Watercolor Vincent Grenier reveals something we all know, but continually forget: the world is always making movies. Flows of reflection, contingencies of light, movement within frames surround us. But it takes a filmmaker of vision and an ability to linger to reminds us of this essential fact of our visual world. Color flows, light glints and patterns of amazement superimpose themselves in layers of viscous sight. A wonder to behold.-- Tom Gunning



  • Onion City Film Festival, Sept 7 2013, Wandering Pausing, Ferguson Theater, Chicago, Il.
  • Views from The Avant Garde, New York Film Festival, Sat Oct 5th, 4:15, 2013, Precarious Light pgrm. Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center, Lincoln Center, NYC
  • 2013 Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image, SPOOL mfg, Oct 19 Johnson City, NY
  • Jury's Stellar Award (Grand Prize) for Experimental Work, 33rd Black Maria Film & Video Festival, screened Feb 7, 2014, Ingals Recitals Hall, New Jersey University, NJ. followed by tour with confirmed screenings at
    ......... Rhode Island School of Design, RISD Auditorium, Providence, RI, Feb 24th
    ......... Berks Filmmakers at Albright College,Berks PA, Feb 25th
    ......... University of Colorado/ Naropa University, First Person Cinema Series, Boulder, March 3rd
    ..........Virginia Commonwealth University, School of the Arts, Anderson Gallery, Richmond, April 2
    ..........New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Cullman Center, Sat May 3, 2014
  • Festival International du Film sur l Art (FIFA), FIFA Experimental, Pgrm. Perception, Cinématheque Québecoise, Salle Claude Jutras, Montréal, March 21, 6:30 pm, 2014
  • Finger Lake Environmental Film Festival, FLEFF, Cinemapolis, Ithaca NY , April 6, 7 pm 2014, Upstate Filmmakers Showcase w/ filmmakers Chris Gallant, Vincent Grenier, Andy Watts, Tomonari Nishikawa, John Scott, and Wenhua Shi. See Blog
  • First Prize in the Experimental Category. 2014 Athens International Film and Video Festival,The Athena Cinema, Pgrm: Experiments with Water and Light, Athens Ohio, April 17.

    Waiting Room:
  • 2013 Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image, SPOOL mfg, Oct 18 Johnson City, NY.

    Surface Tension #2:
  • In a program of friends, colleagues & contemporaries of Ken Jacobs (Artist in Focus, Ken Jacobs: 01) Includes films by Abigail Child, Ernie Gehr, Vincent Grenier, Jim Jennings and two films by Ken Jacobs Opening the 19th Century: 1896 & Blonde Cobra. Courtisane Film Festival, Sphinx Theater, Ghent, Belgium. Sat. April 5, 2014

    Closer Outside, Interieur Interiors, X:
  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago, June 30, 2014, Chicago, IL

    Solo Shows:

  •  On Screen @ Bafler: Vincent Grenier in person, Bafler Art Museum, University of Houston, Thurs. Feb 20th, 2014, 7 pm. 120 Fine Arts Building, Houston, TX 77204
  • Universty of Houston, Wed. Feb 19th, Works by Grenier and discussion, Michael Sicinski’s Postmodern class.
  • (IN)DETERMINATE SPACE: Vincent Grenier, Marchesa Theater, Sunday Feb 23, 2014, 4:30
    6406 N I H 35 # 3100, Austin, TX. Sponsored by Experimental Response Cinema & Austin Film Society
  • University of Texas, Tues. Feb 25th, Grenier presents works in Experimentla Film Class run by Ellen Spiro

    Cine-List, a weekly guide to alternative cinema. Sept 6 -Sept 12. Crucial Viewing: Onion City Experimental Film & Video Festival Columbia College Chicago (1104 S. Wabash Ave., 5th Floor) & Music Box Theatre- Friday through Sunday.
    ...Wandering, Pausing (Saturday, 1pm at Columbia College) is probably the loveliest program of the festival. Lush, intense colors and imagery intermingle with rigorous compositions and challenging abstractions. Like so much of Vincent Grenier’s work, WATERCOLOR (FALL CREEK) is so damned simple and straightforward that it's maddening how perfect and breathtaking the whole thing ends up being. WATERCOLOR is simply that - the color of water shot from under a bridge. The colors are never simply blue, never simply clear, always flowing (you know, like water) and always bifurcated by the shadow of the bridge. As the video progresses, the compositions start to mimic color field paintings then - with little time left - abruptly shift perspective, first visually, then temporally. Shit, it's good. -- JBM


    Waiting Room:
  • Toronto International Film Festival, Wavelength Pgrm 3, I am micro, AGO, Jackman Hall, Sept 9th, 2012, Toronto, Canada (In attendance to introduce WR+ Q&A)
  • Views From The Avant Garde, 50th New York Film Festival, Doppleganger (The Eternal Return), Pgrm includes Waiting Room, Francesca Beale Theater, Sun. Oct 7, 2012, 4:30 Lincoln Center, NYC (In attendance for introduction)
  • 41th Festival International Du Nouveau Cinéma, Oct 13 & 19, 2012, FNC LAB, Pgrm includes Back View and Waiting Room, Montréal Canada, (In attendance for introduction)
  • Finger Lake Environmental Film Festival, Cinemapolis, Upstate Filmmakers Showcase, Ithaca NY , April 7 2013 (In attendance for Q&A)
  • Off and Free Film Festival, Interspace Dialogue Pgrm, Seoul Museum of Art, Korea, May 7-26 2013.

    Armoire: Prelude
  • Moving While Walking: Deren, Dewdney, Grenier & others, Univ of Texas Austin, Visual Arts Center Auditorium, Nov 7, 2012, curated by Ekrem Serdar

    Armoire in 4 Parts:
  • Finger Lake Environmental Film Festival, Cinemapolis, Upstate Filmmakers Showcase, Ithaca NY , February 25th 2013 (In attendance for Q&A)

    Interieur Interiors:
  • Magic Lantern Presents: Interiors. Programed by Seth Watter, includes 16 mm film Interieur Interiors. with works by Barry Gerson, Michael Gitlin, Janie Giser, Shana Moulton, Standish Lawder and others.Cable Car Cinema, Providence RI, Sept 12, 2012
  • Early Monthly Segments # 46, Peter Rose + Vincent Grenier, Guest programmed by Christine Lucy Latimer & Mark Loeser, Cineparlour @ Gladstone Hotel, Art Bar, Toronto, ON Dec. 10 2012.

  • Bu Film Salon Screenings, LH B90, Binghamton University, February 21 2013

    Tabula Rasa:
  • Trinity Square Video, Compression pgrm., Toronto, Sept 26, 2012

    Color Study
  • Current Gallery, Sight Unseen presents "Out There, Over Time" with works by Peter Hutton, Pat O.Neill Shamblavi Kaul, Fern Silva and others. Baltimore, June 28, 2013

    Solo Shows:

  •  School of the Art Institute of Chicago, CATE (Conversation at the Edge), Vincent Grenier: Tabula Rasa, Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, Nov 1, 2012,
    1976–2011, Vincent Grenier, USA, Various Formats, ca. 75 minutes + discussion
    Films and videos from across his career, including 16mm films like While Revolved (1976), which immerses the viewer in a subtly shifting sea of color, to videos like Les Chaises (2008), a patient backyard portrait of two red chairs textured by light. From color studies to lyrical explorations of associative montage, Grenier’s work inspires the viewer to watch and wait, newly attentive to the quiet surprises of daily life.
  • SAIC, Dept of Film, Video, New Media, & Animation, Nov 2, Classroom presentation and individual graduate critiques.
  • University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Experimental Tuesdays at the Union Theatre, UWM Union Theatre, Milwaukee. Tuesday, Nov 6, 2012, Media Artist Vincent Grenier in person with a program of his video work.
  • Film Department / UWM, Nov 5, Experiemental Film class presentation & Graduate class critique.


  • Interview with Vincent Grenier by Ross Jordan on the occasion of his program with CATE (Conversations on the Edge) at the Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago. Posted on CATE website January 9, 2013.
  • Camera interview by Madeleine Molineaux on the occasion of the screening of Back View and Waiting Room at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema in Montreal. Oct 19 2012.



    Tabula Rasa:
  • Uplink Theater Tokyo, Japan. with japanese subtitles, July 1, 9:00 PM

    Color Study
  • The Fabulous Festival of Fringe Films, Landscape in Cyberspace, Symphony Barn, Durham, ON, Canada August 1, 8:30 PM Curated by Barbara Sternberg

    Armoire (4 parts):
  • VIEWS FROM THE AVANT GARDE, 49th New York Film Festival, Lincoln Center, each day Munroe Amphitheater, Oct 7, to Oct 10 (In attendance)
  • Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Immatériel Pgrm, Cinématheque Québecoise,
    Oct 19, & Oct 20 (In attendance to introduce Armoire)
  • Festival International du Film sur L'Art, FIFA, ABSTRACTIONS, ONF, Montréal, Canada, March 17, (In attendance to introduce Armoire)
  • Finger Lake Environmental Film Festival, FLEFF, Cinemapolis Cinema, Ithaca, NY March 29, (In attendance to introduce Armoire)
  • San Francisco Film Festival, Blink of an Eye. Single Program. curated by Kathy Geritz,
    Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley 4-21-12, & Film Society Cinema, San Francisco, 4-23-12.

    Back View:
  • VIEWS FROM THE AVANT GARDE, 49th New York Film Festival, Lincoln Center, Ladders & Track, Beale Theater, Oct 7 & Oct 9. 2011(In attendance to introduce Back View)
  •  3rd Off And Free Int Film Festival, OAF in Practice, Art House MOMO, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, S Korea, Nov 18, 2011
  • Light Reading Presents: View and Wavelengths, Arts Emerson, Paramount Center, Bright Family Screening Room, January 21, 2012 @ 7 pm. Curated by Rebecca Meyer. "a selection of films and videos screened in 2011 at two of the most highly regarded annual showcases of experimental cinema: The Toronto International Film Festival’s Wavelengths Program and The New York Film Festival’s Views from the Avant-Garde."
  • Harvard University, Ernie Gehr, April 16, 2012
  • Onion City,Columbia College June 23 2012, Chicago, IL.
  • Media City Intl Program 6, May 26th Capitol Theater, Windsor On. Canada. (In attendance to introduce Back View)

    Tableaux Vivants:
  • VIEWS FROM THE AVANT GARDE, 49th New York Film Festival, Lincoln Center, Cabinet of Curiosity, Beale Theater, Oct 8 & Oct 10 (In attendance to introduce Tableaux Vivants)
  • Award: Jury's Choice, (first prize) Black Maria Film + Video Festival, Margaret Williams Theatre, Feb 3, 2012, Jersey City, NJ
    Black Maria tour includes screenings at Berks Filmmakers, Albright College, Reading PA, Feb 28, Hartford University Art school; University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Princeton University.
  • Athens Film Festival, Athena Cinema, Athens, Ohio, Painting with Light Pgrm, April 15, 2012, 9:30 pm
  • Media City Intl Program 4, May 25th Capitol Theater, Windsor On. Canada. (In attendance to introduce Tableaux Vivants)

    Burning Bush
  • Inc Shorts, Hamilton Public Library, Hamilton Room, Hamilton, ON, Oct 3 2011, Curated by Josephine Massarella.
  •  3rd Off And Free Int Film Festival, OAF in Practice, Art House MOMO, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, S Korea, Nov 18, 2011

    Interieur Interiors:
  • Flex FEST, Su Friedrich’s film influences, University of Florida, Orlando, February 8, 2012
  • Concordia University, Montréal, Feb 10, 2012

    Interior Interiors & Time's Wake:
  • Courtisane Film Festival, Ghent, Belgium, March 24th
    Canadian films from CFMDC (1967-1979) Pgrm. curated by Oona Mosna & Jeremy Rigsby. A selection of films including works by Michael Snow, David Rimers and others.

    Surface Tension:
  • Concordia University, Montréal, Feb 10, 2012

    Solo Show:

  • Recent Films & Videos by Vincent Grenier, (with filmmaker) Visiting Artists Film Series, Binghamton University, Cinema Dept, LH6, Nov 8 2011



    Light Shaft:
  • Pacific Film Archives, Radical Light: Alternative Film and Video in the San Francisco Bay Area, Abstraction in Film, Wednesday, February 16, 2011, Berkely CA

    Les Chaises:
  • Art Cinema OFFoff, Ghent Belgium, Keeping Trace on Film & Time, Nov 8, 2010. Curated by Marlene Rigler.
  • TIFF Cinematheque, Lightbox, Toronto On. Keeping Trace on Film & Time, (Rigler Program), Wednesday, Feb 23, 2011
  • CinemaSpace Lightstruck series, Montr’al, QC, Keeping Trace on Film & Time, (Rigler Program), March 26 2011
  • Millenium Film Workshop, NYC, Launch of MIllenium Film Journal no 53. (Contains Here, and There: An Interview with Vincent Grenier for an Exhibition in China by Katy Martin) Sat. Feb 12, 2011 (In attendance)

    Burning Bush :
  • Wavelengths, Toronto International Film Festival, AGO, Toronto, Canada, Sept 9, 2010. Plein Air program. (In attendance to introduce Burning Bush)
  • 14th Views from the Avant Garde, 48th New York Film Festival, Oct 2 2010, Lincoln Center, New York City, Visibility Unknown program, (In attendance to introduce Burning Bush)
  • 39th Festival du Nouveau Cinema 2010, ONF, Montréal, Canada, Oct 15 & 21 screenings, Cinémapulateur program, (In attendance to introduce Burning Bush)
  • 17th Valdivia International Film Festival, Chile , Oct 18, 2010, Nuevo Caminos program, Aula Magna.
  • CPH:DOX 2010, the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, Denmark Nov 8 &13 2010 screenings, New Vision Award program,
  • Selections from the Toronto International Film Festival's 10 th Wavelengths Program, Nov 19 2010, Arts Emerson, Emerson College's Paramount Center, Boston MA. Curated by Rebecca Meyer.
  • Les Rendez Vous du Cinéma Québecois, Cinématheque Québecoise, Salle Jean Claude Jutras, Montréal, QC, Sat. Feb 19, 2011
  • Director's Choice, 30th Black Maria Film + Video Festival, Jersey City, NJ & Tour Spring 2011 including Princeton Univ, Berks Filmmakers, Reading PA, University of the Arts, Philladelphia, Bennington College.
  • San Francisco International Film Festival, Deep End Program, SKC3 (Kabuki Cinemas) San Francisco, April 24, 2011 and Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, April 27 2011.
  • Athens International Film & Video Festival, Athens, Ohio, April 22 -28 2011

    Travelogue :
  • 14th Views from the Avant Garde, 48th New York Film Festival, Oct 3 2010, Lincoln Center, New York City, Sea Scrolls program. (In attendance to introduce video)

    Interieur Interiors & Mend :
  • TIE Experimental Film Festival, Sept 29 th 2010,
    Two programs. Ross Media Arts Center, University of Nebraska

    Tabula Rasa :
  • Best Avant-Garde Films & Videos of the Decade, "Century Limited", Confidential Program, Walter Read Theater, NYC, 9:30 PM July 27, 2010.

    Light Shaft:
  • Rooftop Cinema: Abstractions, Group Program, Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Madison Wisconsin, June 24,2011

    Solo Shows:

  • CORNELL CINEMA, Films and Videos by Vincent Grenier, (with filmmaker) Willard Straight Theater, Ithaca NY. Tuesday, 7 pm February 1, 2011

  • LA FILM FORUM , Films & Videos by Vincent Grenier (with filmmaker),  Echo Park Film Center. Los Angeles, Sunday October 24, 2010, 8 PM. Screened: You, Interieur Interiors, Tremors, Shade, Travelogue, This & This, World in Focus, Burning Bush.

  • REDCAT , Films by Vincent Grenier (with filmmaker) Los Angeles, Monday Oct 25, 2010, 8:30 PM. Screened: Tabula Rasa, catch, Here, Surface Tension, North Southernly, While Revolved, Les Chaises, Mend, Armoire, Color Study, Burning Bush.

  • CAL ARTS, Valencia, Tuesday October 26, 2010, 7 PM, Vincent Grenier lecture, Structuring Strategies: Framed Film Narratives. Screened: Out in The Garden, Tabula Rasa, Shut Up Barbie, Brendan's Cracker, D'Apres Meg, Les Chaises, Burning Bush, Light Shaft.

  • CAL ARTS, Valencia, Friday October 29, 2010, 5 PM, Film Today, Thom Andersen's class,films presented by Vincent Grenier, screened: While Revolved, This & This, Interieur Interiors, World in Focus, Winter Collection, Closer Outside, Coda, Travelogue.

  • CAL ARTS, Valencia, Wednesday October 27, 2010, All day graduate students film critic.



    Straight Lines
  • New York Film Festival,/13th Views from the Avant Garde, Oct 3 2009, Nine program event at Walter Reade Theater, Lincoln Center, NY
  • 48th Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor Michigan, March 25th, 2010
  • Crossroads, San Francisco Cinematheque, “Dream Recurring “ program, Victoria Theater, April 18, 2010

  • 29th Black Maria Film Festival & Tour, Spring 2010. Director’s Choice, Tour includes Cornell Cinema, Ithaca NY Feb 8; Millennium Film Workshop, NYC, March 13; Hartford Art School of University of Hartford, CT, Feb 23;, The Edison-Ford Winter Estate, Fort Myers, Fl, March 26th and many other venues.
  • 23rd Singapore International Film Festival in 2010, New York Avant-Garde Screening, The Substation, Singapore, April 18 2010

    Armoire (Prologue) an installation:
  • Séquence Centre d'Art Contemporain, Chicoutimi, QC, Canada. Fréquences, Gallery window display continuous projection, starting after dark until midnight every evenings, Curated by Nicole Gingras, Sept 22 to Sept 25, 2009

    Burning Bush:
  • 16th annual Media City Festival in Windsor, Canada, May 25-29 2010
  • 22 st Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival, Chicago, Il June 17-20, 2010 (Not used for 2009-2010 faculty report)

    Les Chaises:
  • 21st Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival, Chicago, Il June 16-20, 2009,
  • 38th Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Ex Centris, Le Parallele, Montreal, Canada. Screened Oct 13 & 15, 2009
  • Altered States, Recent Experimental Cinema. Pacific Film Archives, Berkeley, Ca. November 10, 2009

    Interieur Interiors:
  • Reverberations #4, Program also includes films by Nicky Hamlyn, Peter Gidal, Wilton Music Hall, London England June 16 2009

    Color Study:
  • Filmmaker’s Coop Benefit screening at Millenium Film Workshop, NYC December 5th 2009

    Out In The Garden and Surface Tension:
  • Film Farm, The Independent Imaging Retreat, Conducted by Phil Hoffman, July 2009, Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada

    Solo Shows:

  • European Cinema Conference, Retrospective screening of films and videos by Vincent Grenier. LH6, Binghamton NY. July 11th 2009.

  • Spool Mfg, Grenier’s Cinema ID’s, Binghamton & Surroundings, with I.D. Color Study and Les Chaises, Johnson City, NY July 17 2009