CS 395/6
Internship / Co-op

email cs395@...

Also check CDC's internship list
--or go to
Fleishman Center(UU133) MWF 10am-4pm

Grade Option Letter Grade
Credits Variable
Office Hours
Interest Meeting

Course Requirements:
  • You must have Junior standing and have completed
    CS 240 and CS 220
  • International students if you have F-1 or J-1 Visa status, YOU MUST secure written authorization from the ISSS before beginning any internship, either paid or unpaid.
  • All of the items listed below are required.
    Failure to fulfill any one of these requirements will result in an F for the course
    • Learning Contract (required in order to register for the course)
    • Fulfillment of work requirement (see below)
    • Attendance at two CS 395/396 classes
      • Watson Career and Alumni Office
      • DON"T be late
        Oral Presentations
        • Brief (2-5 minutes) professional oral report describing your position and experience
        • Due to the large number of students enrolled: Presentations should be AT MOST 2 to 5 minutes per person. Teams can do a joint presentation.
          Keep your presentation short and sweet!!

    • 2 Progress Reports (Forms are shared on Google drive)
      • Resume including intern/coop position (due last day of classes)
      • Assessment of Learning Contract (due last day of classes)
      • Employer Evaluation
        (due by last day of finals)

    Work Requirement:

    Work at a professional level in an entry level Computer Science position for a local organization for:

    CS39514 weeks @ 12 hours per week (unpaid) 4 crs
    14 weeks @ 6 hours per week (unpaid) 2 crs
    168 hrs
    84 hrs
    CS396 14 weeks @ 40 hours per week (paid) or
    28 weeks @ 20 hours per week (paid)
    560 hrs
    Professor Head, Binghamton University �2007-2008