Econ 362

Spring 2022


Preliminary outline

First midterm exam from Fall 2020

Second midterm exam from  Fall 2020

Final exam from Fall 2020

First midterm from Fall 2021

Second midterm from Fall 2021

Final exam from Fall 2021

First problem set on graphing

Second problem set on graphing

How to make real GDP index from percent changes: example

Problem set on Macro Statistics

Price index reading (Hanes)

Total VA = GDP: example

First production function problem set

Growth accounting problem set

Problem set on investment

Problem set on loanable funds

Problem set on small open economy

Problem set on unemployment rate

 First problem set on Solow model of economic growth

Second problem set on Solow model of economic growth

Problem set on IS curve model and fiscal policy

Problem set on money supply and demand

Algebra of IS/LM and AD from old Mankiw edition

Problem set on aggregate demand

Problem set about central bank setting M versus r

Problem set on monetary policy with interest-rate targets