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Mosaic with Theatrical Masks from Tivoli, I CE

(Capitoline Museum)



Nilotic "Palestrina" Mosaic
(detail with Nubian hunters)
I BCE, Praeneste, Italy

John H. Starks, Jr.  

 Associate Professor of Classical Studies


President, Classical Association of the Atlantic States (CAAS)

Chair, Department of Classical & Near Eastern Studies

Chair, Faculty Senate Executive Committee

Faculty Director of University-Wide Courses

Curriculum Vitae

Department of Classical and Near Eastern Studies

Binghamton University, State University of New York

POBox 6000, Binghamton NY 13902

Office: Library Tower 508



2017-18 Course Syllabi

Latin 380C – The ‘Other’ in Latin Comedy

Classics 383B/AfricanaStudies 383C/Anthropology 380P/History 383B/Judaic Studies 384E: Race & Ethnicity in Ancient North Africa (Not currently readable in all browsers – use Firefox for best results)

2016-17 Course Syllabi

Latin 381G: Latin Historians on Celtic and “Germanic” Ethnicity

Classics 381F/Theatre 389G/WGSS 383D: Women in Ancient Theater

Other Course Syllabi

Classics 212/English 200F/History 287A: Greek & Roman Biography

Classics 305/Theatre 389S – Ancient Comedy in Performance

Classics 315/English 300C: Satire from Rome to Colbert

Harpur Freshman Seminar (HARP) 101N – Cleopatra, the Last Pharaoh

Latin 381O: Cicero and the Republic Falter

Latin 382A – “Africans” in History and Epic

Latin 380M – Passion(s) in Ovid

Latin 102 – Elementary Latin

Latin 203 – Intermediate Latin

Greek 203 – Intermediate Greek

Greek 380B – Greek Historians on Persian Barbarity & Medizing


Complete Teaching Portfolio of Syllabi

Comedies directed/adapted with my original lyrics at Binghamton University as part of Classics 305 “Ancient Comedy in Performance”

2012 - video of The Ghoul Next Door: A Musical Roman Comedy (Plautus’ Mostellaria)

complete script of  The Ghoul Next Doortranslation and lyrics by John H. Starks, Jr., score composed by Santino DeAngelo

2009 – video of Femme Phantasmagoria (Aristophanes’ Thesmophoriazousai)

complete script of Femme Phantasmagoria

Comedy Video Portfolio

 (Plautus, Aristophanes, Gilbert & Sullivan Thespis 2006 APA – shows directed/adapted prior to Binghamton University)


Special fields of interest:
* Greek and Roman Comedy, performance and theater history, gender - director of: The Ghoul Next Door, A Musical Roman Comedy (Plautus’ Mostellaria) and Comedy Scholars’ Colloquium, original translator and librettist with original music by Santino DeAngelo; Aristophanes' Thesmophoriazousai ('Femme Phantasmagoria,’ original lyrics), Gilbert and Sullivan's Thespis, or The Gods Grown Old (2006 APA); Ekklesiazousai ('Women Rule,’ original lyrics), Lysistrata, original lyrics, Wasps, original lyrics; Plautus' Poenulus, Curculio and scenes from Plautus, Menander and Terence

* Non-western Ethnicity in the Classical World, especially Africa and the Levant
* Latin Historiography (including Greek historians of Rome) and Classical Biography

* Greek and Latin Epigraphy

* Roman Satire